Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thanksgiving at Grandpa E's

Thanksgiving day was lots of fun for our family. It was the first time we had ever spent a holiday with Josh's dad at his house. Plus, we got to spend a lot of time with Josh's brother, Ian and his family. It was a day full of great food, laughs, and fun.

Eli's day was made when Grandpa E gave him his belated birthday present-a new bike. He was so excited to have a bigger bike in his favorite color. He spent the majority of his day riding around Grandpa E's neighborhood testing out his new ride.

Josh's dad ordered a turkey and ham from the Honey-Baked Ham store just down the street from him for Thanksgiving, so all Tasha (Ian's wife) and I had to do was make the side dishes. I made the Pioneer Woman's basic cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, pecan pie and sweet potato pie. I also had my dad send me his recipe for his famous sweet potato soufflĂ©. Tasha made some appetizers, macaroni and cheese, and potatoes. We rounded out our meal with some lima beans, creamed corn, and purple hull peas from our garden this summer that I had frozen. It was such a wonderful meal and we all ate until we were stuffed. Ian, Tasha, and Ed (Josh's dad) all said how much they really enjoyed having fresh vegetables from our garden to eat. Since they live in the city, they don't get to garden like we do. Ian's already asked Josh if we can set him and Tasha up on a monthly delivery system of fresh veggies from our garden :) 

After our meal, we all went outside for the obligatory Thanksgiving Day pictures and then the kids played some more. Ian and Tasha's little girl, Sophie loved playing with Eli. It was such a fun Thanksgiving and I'm so glad we made the trip to spend it with Josh's family. Hopefully, we'll do this again soon!

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