Thursday, September 4, 2014

And Now...The Rest of Our Summer

Well, summer is over, but memories last forever :) The last few weeks of summer were such a blur! We did so much and stayed so busy that I didn't really have time to even blog about it as everything was happening. Now school has started back and life has gotten even more crazy busy so it's just easier to do a quick recap of those weeks in one big post than split it into smaller ones. As you'll see from the pictures our life was pretty much playing games with Eli, visiting family and friends, dressing up in multiple character costumes, and harvesting goodies from the garden :)

I found out my son is a shark when it comes to board games. 
He legitimately beat me three times in a row at Monopoly Jr. 

Mr. Roy loaded us up with tons of nectarines from the tree in his yard!
They were SOOO delicious!

Celebrating Thomas' 5th birthday

Our squash and zucchini plants were the first to start making and my work in the garden began. 
(My work in the garden still hasn't stopped, by the way, and it's September now!)

Scout and Eli proudly wearing some LSU gear. 

Cowabunga dude! 

We made blueberry banana smoothies one afternoon. 

My little worker man

Arts and crafts day-a favorite at our house!

Visiting the Farmer's Market.
We sampled some fresh honey and even got to look at some honeybees!

Fresh fruit and honey from the Farmer's Market. 
Everything was the best I've ever tasted!

Time to paint again :)

Purple hull peas were ready! Eli loved helping me shell them. 

Eli combined several pieces of clothing to make his own "Jake the Pirate" costume. 

Time for lima beans!

Playing Uno Moo with Eli and Mo.
They BOTH beat me! I obviously stink at board games. 

More purple hull peas

A firefly came to see me one morning when I was getting ready. 

Just about the cutest bug ever!

Time for a popsicle break! 
We were shelling beans on the front porch this day.  

More lima beans

Eli, Mo, and me went to see Planes Fire and Rescue. 
We all loved it!

Eli wrote and mailed a letter to his best friend Logan. 

My little guy conked out on the floor in the living room. 

Tinsley, Andrea, Josh, Jameson, Grammy, and Pop came to visit one Saturday.
 Even though it was kind of rainy and yucky the kids still had a blast swimming in the pool.

Jameson couldn't swim this time but he made some pretty cute faces at me :)

All summer long Eli went to Kid's Choir practice every Wednesday night.
They week before school started they performed their songs in front of the church. 

I'm happy to say that Eli did everything like he was supposed to do!

Eli and Hannah

Super proud of himself!

In August the okra finally started producing! 
(Update: The okra is literally-not kidding here folks-over 9 feet tall. I have to stand on a bucket to cut it and I still can't reach most of it without pulling the plant down to me!)

More peas, squash, and zucchini

I sent this picture to Jessie (Josh's cousin) one night during supper.
I looked down and realized that everything on this plate minus the meat came from our garden. 
I LOVE growing my own food!

More peas, okra, lima beans, and popcorn
It never ends :)

So that was our summer in a nutshell. We stayed very busy but still got to do lots of fun stuff. I'm so very thankful that I have a job where I can stay home with my little guy during the summer. It's so very worth it and I cherish our time together! It was a wonderful summer and now we're looking forward to having a great fall semester at school! Until next time...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jameson Kane-Continued

*Now that it's almost September, I guess I can finally finish up our summer, Jameson's birth and other fun events in our life!*

The next morning (July 12th) we all slept in because we were up pretty late the night before. Tinsley ended up staying with us that night at Mom and Dad's so after everyone was awake we left to go to the hospital to see Andrea, Joshua, and Jameson. Everyone was doing great. We all got to take turns holding and loving on Jameson. He was (and still is!) such a little cuddle bug. He would tuck himself into a little ball and let you cuddle him snug and tight. I was in heaven and so was everyone else :)

Like Eli and Tinsley, Jameson was born with a head full of hair. I just don't know what we would do if one of us ever had a baby that was a baldy. Andrea had put a hat on Jameson to keep him warm, but just like when Eli was born, I kept sliding the hat off so I could look at his hair :) I just LOVE babies with hair!

Tinsley spent the day just checking Jameson out. She kept saying, "Jameson, you're so cute!"
We definitely all agreed with Tinsley.

Is he not the cutest baby ever?!?!

Tinsley brought her baby with her to the hospital and borrowed one of Jameson's blankets so she could swaddle her baby. She was very tired since she had skipped her morning nap.

The next day Jameson came home from the hospital and we all were waiting at their house to welcome him home :) 

The new family of FOUR!

He was all snuggled into his car seat and looked like a little froggie. 

Andrea's Yia-Yia and her dad got first dibs on holding Jameson because they had to leave to go back home. Andrea's mother was going to stay with Andrea for two weeks to help out while Andrea was recuperating from labor. 

After Andrea's dad and grandmother left, we all took turns getting some sweet loving from little Jameson. 

Tinsley wasn't acting like herself and was very whiny all morning so they took her temperature and found out that she had a fever. What a wonderful welcome home gift for Jameson. Andrea gave her some Tylenol and within about thirty minutes she was feeling better.  We made sure to give her lots of snuggles too. She also practiced giving her baby a bottle so she could help her Mommy one day with Jameson.

I used the "I'm from out of town and I won't get to see him every day" card and I pretty much had Jameson the rest of the afternoon. Way to go me :) I soaked up every second with our newest little guy. 

Isn't he just beautiful?

The next day before I left to go home I stopped by Josh and Andrea's house for one last visit with Tinsley and Jameson. I was so thankful that I had been able to spend so much quality time with them over the past few days. I had loved every single minute of it but I was ready to see my own sweet, little boy :) I gave Tinsley and Jameson sweet snuggles and promised to see them soon. I left with a very grateful heart thanking God for once again blessing our family with a precious gift. 

When I got back home I had a sweet surprise waiting for me at the back door. Eli had made me a sign that said "Wlkum Bak" and had tied balloons to the door. I just about cried right there. I was so glad to be home and see my boys again. I had missed them so much! 


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