Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sunday in Sunny Florida

Sunday morning we went to the church where Dan and Nicki serve, Stetson Baptist Church. It really felt like old times when he was the lead pastor of our church back home. I loved being able to be there Sunday and enjoyed getting to worship with their church family. I'm happy for the great things God is doing through Dan and Nicki at Stetson Baptist. After church, we took  a few pictures of the boys and of us all dressed up in our Sunday finest. I love these people like they're my family and I'm so thankful that our paths crossed so many years ago. 

Dan had to leave immediately after church to catch a plane for a church convention out of town, so Nicki and I took the boys back to their house to change clothes for our Sunday afternoon fun. We were headed to the beach!! We grabbed some lunch at a pizza place and drove to the beach. I feel like I need to document that during the ride to the beach Nicki was listening to podcasts (Jamie Ivey and the Popcast) in the car and this was the moment that she convinced me to give podcasts a try. One year later and I'm addicted to podcasts...

We made it to the beach, covered the boys in sunscreen, set up our chairs, and watched them play in the sand and water. We all had such a fun time!  How fun that they are within driving distance of several beaches (just a little jealous of that!). I don't know if you would be able to measure my happiness if I lived within driving distance of a beach...It's my happy place!

We all had such a fun time enjoying our Sunday afternoon at the beach. After a few hours, we loaded up the boys and headed back to their house. We had one more day of fun planned before Eli and I had to go back home to Louisiana.

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