Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Medicine

Nothing makes me laugh and smile more than hearing Eli laugh. The simplest noises can send him into a fit of giggles as you will notice on the video. I wish I could bottle up his laugh :)

Spelling Lessons from Daddy

Thursday night I had to go back to work for a school function and left my two boys home alone. Josh is such a good Daddy :) When I got back, Eli was bathed, dressed in his pj's, eating his bottle, and practically falling asleep in his Daddy's arms. I asked how things went and Josh said great. He didn't got into detail, just that they had played together, he had given Eli his bath, and gotten him ready for bed. Well, the next night when I was giving Eli his bath, I found out exactly what Josh and Eli had done together. I was showing Eli how to make words with his foam letters when I looked up and saw this...

Let me know if you'd like Josh to come by and teach your children some new words. Oh, and he told me that this wasn't all they had spelled either. The word for a certain male body part had just fallen off the wall before I could see it. GREAT! Now my son's going to be like the kid from Kindergarten Cop..."Boys have a _____, girls have a _____!" Spelling lessons at the Wilson's house next week...BE THERE! :)

Mr. Manners He Is NOT

Sunday after church we went to Ryan's for lunch. Eli was sleepy, but took a little cat nap on the way to the restaurant, so when we got there, he was in a wonderful mood. He is doing so well at restaurants. I remember when he was born, Josh and I NEVER went to a restaurant with him. We were worried about germs, but also we didn't want to get stuck in a public place waiting on food to arrive with a screaming baby, so we just avoided them or ordered it "to go" and picked it up to eat at home. For a few months now, we've gotten braver and have been going out to eat with Eli. He loves to watch everything going on around him, and he's figured out that good things come on other people's plates :) On a side note, I don't think we're going to have a problem switching him to table food. Sunday at Ryan's Eli had eaten some of his baby food and a couple pieces of yummy fruit when he decided to let everyone in the restaurant know that Eli was there :) We got lots of stares and lots of laughs from other tables over his little outburst that lasted for about 10 minutes. He's so much fun!!!

Little Piggy

Saturday night Josh and I went to a local charity event, so Grammy and Pop were on babysitting duty. I had to really twist their arm to do that for us ;) I left specific instructions on his bedtime routine fully expecting us to be gone about 2 hours or so and that Eli would be in bed before we got back. Grammy and Pop followed my instructions perfectly and when we got back, only an hour and a half later to my surprise, Eli was nestled between Grammy and Pop on the floor watching Praise Baby. It was so sweet! Mom told me that he had been great and REALLY enjoyed his supper that night. When I looked at the pictures, I saw what she meant! She said that after he had finished what was in the bowl, she set the bowl on the tray to turn around and get something. When she looked back, Eli had his entire face in the bowl licking it clean! Yeah, we really gotta work on those table manners before we start venturing out to public restaurants often :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eli's First Taste of Bliss...Ice Cream!

McDonald's is a rite of passage for every child and we can now say that Eli has had his first experience with good ol' Ronald McDonald. After Wal-Mart we stopped by McDonald's to eat before going home. I ordered a Big Kids Happy Meal and the employee was kind enough to put int a toy for kids under 3. Eli got his first kids meal toy :) We sat down to wait for our food and Grammy entertained Eli by tickling him. He's so ticklish and I know some people think it's mean, but I LOVE hearing his laugh, so I tickle him quite often. Pop came with our food and Eli did get to have a couple of french fries to go along with his baby food peas. He loved the french fries...who doesn't?!

Grammy and Pop still had room for dessert after the meal, so they each ordered a soft serve ice cream cone. I've told you before that they have been wanting Eli to try ice cream for a long time. Well, they finally got their wish. I allowed them to give Eli a little taste of ice cream and we quickly found out that he is DEFINITELY my son :) He has his mommy's love of sweets for sure! He probably would have eaten the entire cone if we had let him, but mean Mommy allowed just a few tastes before making Grammy and Pop take the cones back. Eli wasn't happy about that at all! I have a feeling we're REALLY going to enjoy that 1st year birthday cake in a couple of months :)

Eli's New Toy

Saturday when we got home from Wal-mart, Eli and Pop opened his new toy train. It's a Leap Frog Alphabet train that makes lots of noises (fun times for Mommy and Daddy!). Eli was all about helping Pop open the box and then like a typical kid decided that he'd play with the box for awhile before moving on to the train. He fell in love with the train instantly and took off pushing it around the house and screaming at the top of his lungs. It was so funny!

Pop's lil' helper

So excited about his new toy :)

The box stole his attention first

Checking out the storage capabilities of his new ride

Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Summer Post...Coffee Table Exercise

These pictures and this video were taken during the summer when Eli was just learning to cruise around our furniture. Now he's cruising SUPER FAST and even letting go to take a couple of steps. It's fun to watch him learn and master new things, but it's kind of bittersweet, because it makes me realize that my baby boy is quickly growing up. I keep begging him to stay little for just a while longer, but he is intent on growing up on me. He just seems so little to be able to move around furniture as quickly and agilely as he does. He's still not completely steady (although, he thinks he is), but he does a pretty good job of getting around. When I was trying to get Eli to practice cruising, I discovered that Gerber Puffs made walking around the coffee table in the living room much more fun. I scattered puffs all around the edge of the table and Eli had a great time walking around it, picking up puffs, and gobbling them up. It was so funny to watch! I figured that this exercise would help him master his new skill even more. Before long, I'll be posting the walking video. Sniff, sniff :'( He seems to have grown up and turned into a pre-toddler overnight!

Grammy and Pop Come to Visit

Last weekend, Grammy and Pop drove in to spend some time with us. We were so excited to have them! They didn't get in until late Friday night so Eli didn't get to see them until the next morning. He and I were up before anyone (I can't wait until he is old enough to know that Saturdays are for sleeping in) and he woke up in a GREAT mood. I was able to capture some sweet pictures of my little man before everyone woke up.

Mr. Cheerful in the morning :)

Josh woke up next to go golfing with some friends and not long after he left Grammy and Pop woke up. Eli was so excited to see them! He's going to quickly figure out that when Grammy and Pop come for a visit, they bring goodies because he's gotten something every time they've ever visited. This time they brought him some cute trucks and cars. He really liked playing with them and it made me realize that all too soon, my house is going to be littered with toy cars and trucks...I wouldn't have it any other way!

Seeing Grammy for the first time

Smiling at Grammy

Playing with his new toys

Eli's trucks and cars


Working on his toy with Pop

We played around in the house for a little while and then made plans to go to Wal-Mart. I know, it's sad. We live in such a small town that we actually make plans and look forward to going to Wal-Mart. Grammy and Pop wanted to get Eli a couple more cars and trucks and they wanted to get him a train that he could ride on around the house. Pop got on the computer to try to find the toy that they wanted and Eli decided to "help". I would like to point one several thing. Eli is NOT allowed on our Mac. He is really interested in the computer since he sees Josh and I on it a lot, but he's not allowed to touch it at all. Grammy and Pop, however, didn't seem to mind Eli banging around on theirs though and he had a GREAT time doing it as you'll see from the video. He got a little overzealous and even popped several of the keys off...OOPS! Pop was able to fix them, thank goodness. To be on the safe side though, we're keeping all computers out of Eli's reach for a long time!

Watching how the light comes on and goes cute!

Pressing every single button!

Eli showing Pop how he knows how to Google.

Surfin' the net

Eli's handiwork....keep your computers away from his little hands :)

"I'm sorry I broke your computer, Pop."

Eli LOVES his Pop!

Eli LOVES his Grammy!

Grammy, Eli, Pop
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