Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Family Vacation: Day Three

Our second day in Destin was just as beautiful as the first. Eli and I woke up a little bit earlier Tuesday morning and watched the entire sunrise. It was quite breathtaking sitting on the balcony, the only sounds in the background being made from the ocean yards away. I really enjoy sleeping late, but, if I have to get up, seeing something like this and being able to cuddle with my little boy definitely make it worth it!

Monday night after we had eaten at Joe's Crab Shack, we had to make a stop at the grocery store for some groceries. We stopped at a Publix and I fell in love with it. It was so clean and organized and they had such a variety of fruits and veggies there. It was great! I could have stayed there for at least an hour just wandering down each aisle. I did happen to wander down the baby aisle and I found two new baby foods that we don't have in our town for Eli to try-papaya and guava. I also happened upon a mesh feeder. My blog friend, Audra, had mentioned that they used one of these with their son when he first started eating on his own. I decided to get it and try it with Eli. Tuesday morning after everyone woke up, I put a couple of pieces of watermelon in the mesh feeder for Eli and then gave it to him. He LOVED it! He sucked on the mesh feeder like it was a popsicle and gobbled the watermelon until it was gone. I took it away from him to put a couple more pieces in it and he pitched a royal fit because he thought he wasn't going to get it back. So funny!!

Eating yummy watermelon

Do you think he liked it?

After breakfast, Josh and I went down to the beach to take a walk and when we got back we called Sue to see if she and Eli wanted to come down to the pool with us. They did, so we met them at the pool by our condo for an early morning swim. Eli has been swimming a lot this summer and loves the water, but on this particular day he decided he wanted to explore his surroundings more than swim.

I'm trying to get him to "jump" to me. Normally, he'll just fall into your arms, but on this particular day...

He decided he'd rather get out of the pool and check out the concrete instead!

Listening to me as I try to coax him back into the water

"I'll swim, Mommy, but no more jumping!"

Swimming around like a motorboat with Daddy

Smiling at Zue-Zue

The sky turned dark and it started to rain, so we loaded up our stuff and went back to the condo for some lunch and then a nap. It was so nice to cuddle up and listen to the rain while sitting on our balcony. The rain didn't ruin our fun at all! In fact, the rain only lasted about an hour and then it was sunny once again. Josh went to work out, I went to the pool to read for a little bit, and Eli and Zue-Zue took a stroller ride around the resort. When we got back we were all a little tired and decided to just order Papa John's for dinner that night (Josh's favorite pizza because of the garlic butter dipping sauce). While we were waiting on the pizza, Josh and I took Eli on another stroller ride, this time to the beach. Since it was late in the day there weren't very many people down there and it wasn't quite as hot either. Eli got to step in the water again and even oohed and ahhed a couple of times. He was so interested in looking at the seagulls flying by, the sun shining, and the kites that several people were flying. It was so hard to get him to look at a camera let alone smile at one, but we did get a few cute pics of us with our little boogerhead, as Josh calls him.

After our pizza, and after Eli had his dinner, we gave him some more watermelon in his mesh feeder. Once again, he didn't waste any time and immediately started eating the watermelon. Check out the video I posted to see how Eli amused us after dinner. He's such a crazy nut :) He makes me laugh so much! What a great way to end the day :)


Audra said...

Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his watermelon! Glad it worked for y'all! Little tip learned the hard way: if you use bananas, wash it out immediately after eating!

Penny said...

Loved the video. He is too funny! =)

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