Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eli's First Taste of Bliss...Ice Cream!

McDonald's is a rite of passage for every child and we can now say that Eli has had his first experience with good ol' Ronald McDonald. After Wal-Mart we stopped by McDonald's to eat before going home. I ordered a Big Kids Happy Meal and the employee was kind enough to put int a toy for kids under 3. Eli got his first kids meal toy :) We sat down to wait for our food and Grammy entertained Eli by tickling him. He's so ticklish and I know some people think it's mean, but I LOVE hearing his laugh, so I tickle him quite often. Pop came with our food and Eli did get to have a couple of french fries to go along with his baby food peas. He loved the french fries...who doesn't?!

Grammy and Pop still had room for dessert after the meal, so they each ordered a soft serve ice cream cone. I've told you before that they have been wanting Eli to try ice cream for a long time. Well, they finally got their wish. I allowed them to give Eli a little taste of ice cream and we quickly found out that he is DEFINITELY my son :) He has his mommy's love of sweets for sure! He probably would have eaten the entire cone if we had let him, but mean Mommy allowed just a few tastes before making Grammy and Pop take the cones back. Eli wasn't happy about that at all! I have a feeling we're REALLY going to enjoy that 1st year birthday cake in a couple of months :)

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cheryl & dave w. said...

so cute! i love it! he really does pretty well eating that ice cream cone for it being his first time...and i love how mad he gets! =) my favorite part is when he pulls the puff out of his fist and starts eating it...just WHERE do they hide those things in the little hands of theirs???? what a cutie!

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