Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Okay, so I realize it's not a dock and it's not a bay, but every time I look at these pictures, that's the song that comes to mind, so just go with it :) After all the fun Eli had at Tim and Belinda's farm fishing, we decided he needed a fishing pole of his own so he could practice at home. Zue-Zue came to the rescue and found one for Eli and bought it for him. Eli was so excited! He couldn't wait to practice and went straight to the pool to practice his casting. I have to say, he's got a pretty nice cast :) I'm so glad he's found something else that he enjoys doing! I see lots of fishing trips in his future.

Tinsley's 1st Birthday Party

On Monday, August 12th, sweet, little Tinsley turned one. Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday she was born and I got to meet her for the first time. She is so precious to me and I love her so much! I'm so glad she's in our lives!

The Saturday before her official birthday, we had her birthday party at Josh and Andrea's house. Andrea planned a cupcake themed birthday party and everything was PRECIOUS! It was so cute and photographed so well! Tinsley was in such a great mood during the entire party. We all had so much fun celebrating the birthday girl. 

Birthday Girl

Her birthday banner

My niece is just gorgeous!!

Grammy and Tinsley

Eli LOVED all the snacks Andrea had on the candy table! He was in sugar heaven!

Tinsley's birthday shoes Andrea bedazzled

Cutest little booty ever :)

The birthday cupcake I made for the day.

Tinsley was a little unsure when we were all singing "Happy Birthday."

She didn't know what to think about her cake either.

Love my sweet family!

Grammy and Pop with the birthday girl

Andrea's parents, Poppy and Yia-Yia, with Tinsley

She has my brother wrapped around her little finger.

Eli enjoying some more sugar :)

Tinsley loved opening her presents.

Grammy and Pop got her a walker to encourage her to start taking some steps!

Her new ride her Mommy and Daddy got her.

What a wonderful day! We had so much fun celebrating this sweet, little girl who has captured all of our hearts. I can't wait to watch her grow and see all the wonderful things God is going to do in her life!  Happy Birthday, Tinsley! We all love you so much!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Shower for Sarah and Harley

About a month before she was due, our church family got together to celebrate Sarah (Tammy's daughter) and her little girl, Harley. She had a wonderful shower and got lots of sweet gifts for Harley. It was so sweet to watch her unwrap all the pink dresses, gowns, and blankets for her baby girl. We all couldn't wait for little Miss Harley to get here! We enjoyed being able to help Sarah get ready for her littlest blessing to arrive!

Cake Pops made by Mrs. Vera 

Mrs. Vera and Sarah

Jessie and Sarah

Tammy and Sarah

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