Friday, September 6, 2013

Fishing at the Farm

While Josh and I were away watching John Mayer (AMAZING concert, by the way!), Eli stayed with Zue-Zue and had so much fun. One of his favorite things they did was go to B and Mr. Tim's farm to fish. Eli had never fished before, so this was a big adventure for him. He even caught his very first fish! Of course, he wouldn't touch it to take if off the hook, but he'll get there!

Eli had so much fun on his first fishing trip that we made plans with B and Tim to do it again. This time Mommy and Daddy came, too! Daddy wanted to fish and Mommy wanted to take pictures :)

Eli and B caught the first and only fish on this trip-a huge catfish! 

Eli wasn't going anywhere near it. I didn't blame him!

We ended our night with a ride around their land to look for deer. Eli was really excited when Mr. Tim let him drive some. We didn't get to ride around too long though because the weather started to get really bad. We hurried back to our car and left before it started pouring. It was such a fun day at the farm. We can't wait to go back!

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