Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our Spring/Summer Garden 2016

Josh and I look forward to each spring when the weather begins to warm up because that means we can get in the garden. Some of the first crops we plant each year are new potatoes, corn, and garlic. 

Bless my heart, corn about kills me every year because of all the times I have to go stand up the plants after a thunderstorm or strong wind, but it's worth it in the end. Just know that if you ever eat corn at my house a lot of hard work and love went into getting it to the table! 

This was our first year to plant garlic

2016 New Potato Harvest

This is our guest bedroom closet after every potato harvest. We've learned to keep the room cool and dark and the potatoes last a long time. We rarely have guests and when we do, they laugh but don't seem to mind :)

Sadly, the birds ate all the blueberries and these bushes didn't make it. I was really looking forward to fresh blueberries too! Maybe we'll try again sometime in the future. 

Our squash and zucchini plants go crazy every year. We usually give them some fresh homemade worm tea a couple of times and that stuff makes them grow so much!

Our row crops-purple peas and lima beans

Corn is ready to harvest!

I love playing around with different arrangements in my flower pots around the pool. I usually try to follow the formula of having a "thriller", a "filler", and a "spiller" in each pot. 

I restained our Adirondack chairs and they look so much better!

Pole beans...sadly, these did not work either. 
I'm switching back to the bush bean variety next year!


Garlic...almost time to harvest!

My sweet Barkley. He follows me step for step when I'm working in the backyard. 
He doesn't want to miss out on anything!

He's just the cutest :)

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