Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Bucket List Days 22-28

*The captions are taken directly from my original Instagram posts.

Day 22: We went to Eli's school so he could test on some books he read. He's working hard towards his summer reading goal. Then it was off to the doctor for a well visit. He survived the finger stick and had a great checkup!

Day 23: Eli had a dentist appointment and what says "Yay, no cavities!" like getting cupcakes to eat after supper and snowballs to eat immediately. YOLO! Hope his dentist doesn't see this 😳

Day 24: Board games, swimming, and a front porch picnic lunch were on our agenda today. Even Barkley joined in the fun!

Day 25: Coffee and Battleship this morning followed by swimming later this afternoon. It was a lazy Saturday, with the exception of the hour we worked in the garden, but we all enjoyed the downtime!

Day 26: Today we celebrated my hubby! He does so much for me and for our family and I am incredibly grateful! He takes care of us, provides for us, leads us, and makes us laugh every single day. Watching him father Eli has brought so much joy to my life! We appreciate him every day but especially today! Happy Father's Day!! We love you!!

Day 27: Excited about spending the week with family :) We stopped at the mall before leaving town and finally found Eli a hat he liked...he's such a cutie! When we made it to Tinsley and Jameson's house, Eli couldn't wait to teach them how to play UNO Moo. He's too old for it now so he decided to pass it down to them :) These three are precious together and I'm glad they are going to get some cousin time this week!

Day 28: Today was a busy but very fun day! Golf, swimming, playing with Tinsley and Jameson, watching Finding Dory, and we ended the night with ice cream! We ❤️ summer!!

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