Monday, July 10, 2017

Cardboard Box House

The same day we did the Splash Park we all drove back to my parent's house to see them. Mom and Dad were having trouble with their air conditioner and ended up having to purchase a new unit. Not fun for them, but the box that the unit came in provided lots of hours of play for Eli, Tinsley, Jameson, Kaelyn and even some of the puppies :) Pop is just like a big kid so he got really into the construction of the cardboard play house. The kids couldn't wait to get in and decorate and draw on the walls!

Eli made them a street sign for their house. 

Jameson LOVED talking to Kaelyn :)

Three little monkeys :)

Eli loves a good challenge and about this time the Cheerio Challenge was really popular. Eli decided to see how many Cheerios he could stack on Kaelyn's head :)

This was also the day we found out that getting 4 kids of various ages to take 
a good picture was next to impossible but hey, we tried!

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