Sunday, March 1, 2015

Christmas Around Our House-2014

As Christmas season approached, we all looked forward to Elfis' annual arrival. Sure enough on December 1st he arrived and brought Eli a couple of "Welcome Back" gifts with him. Eli had a play at his school coming up where he needed an elf hat and we had not been able to find one at any of the stores in our area. I suggested he ask Santa to see if Elfis could bring him one and Elfis did! Eli was so happy when he read Elfis' letter and saw the elf hat and new pajamas. 

In fact, he donned the elf hat that night while doing his homework. It definitely made doing homework more fun for him :)

Every morning Elfis was in a new spot and sometimes he brought us fun activities to do each day. One morning he brought us a gingerbread house. We love making these every year and thankfully this one wasn't broken like last years! Whew! Last year's house was pretty rough. 

I love decorating our house for Christmas every year. This year we got a new tree for our living room, one that was a little slimmer than last years. I love how it fills the space better.

Our living room looked like a miniature Christmas tree farm with all the trees we had in there, but I loved it so much. 

I did change how I displayed our Christmas cards this year. In one of my magazines I saw how they made a Christmas card display out of a tomato cage wrapped with garland and Christmas lights, so that's what I did. I used mini clothespins to attach all the cards and all the extras that wouldn't fit I lined along the countertop. It was a fun, easy DIY project and I loved how it turned out :)

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