Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Christmas Season Begins

The day after Thanksgiving we pulled all our Christmas decorations out of storage and started decking the halls. I couldn't wait to decorate our house for Christmas. Some may say I go a little overboard, but I LOVE it! It makes me so happy to walk in my house and see all my Christmas decorations in each room. We also wanted our house to be ready because we knew that on December 1st Elfis would be arriving from the North Pole. 

It took all weekend long but we trimmed every tree, decked every hall, strung up all the lights (inside and outside) and got the house ready for Christmas. When December 1st rolled around, we were ready! That morning Eli woke up extra early and found a special package for him under the Christmas tree. Eflis had arrived from the North Pole! Eli was so excited! He looks forward to Elfis' arrival every year.

Elfis always brings his book that tells all about the special elves from the North Pole assigned to houses each year, and he'll usually bring Eli a small "happy". This year he brought Eli a gigantic pencil, two decks of Christmas playing cards, a note to Eli, and some candy. 

We always have a special breakfast of frosted donuts and hot chocolate on the day Elfis arrives from the North Pole so that's exactly what we did.  Eli enjoyed his donuts and hot chocolate on the floor beside Elfis before getting dressed for school that day. 

I've seen pictures and read stories about some of these elves from the North Pole that do all sorts of crazy shenanigans when they visit the houses they're assigned to and I'm happy to report that Elfis is not like that at all. He usually likes to hide in high places around our living room and occasionally he'll bring small activities for us to do as a family, but that's mostly all the excitement we get from Elfis. Every now and then we'll find him in the middle of something but those moments are rare!

One morning we found him playing cards with Chippy and Frosty. 

Another morning he decided to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a few marshmallows.

Every year there are a few Christmas traditions we do as a family. One of those is packing a box for a soldier overseas.

Of course, one of Eli's favorite parts of the Christmas season is getting to wear his elf hat while he does his homework each night. My cute little elf makes the Christmas season so much fun! The Christmas season was off to a great start!!

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