Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Being a Boy

Not too long ago, Eli and his Daddy had a day where they were mostly outside doing boy stuff. Our winter has been so incredibly mild this year that we've had lots of days like this. Eli loves being outside and I'm usually the woo-woo that wants to be inside if it's cold. I'm so thankful for days when the weather is mild and we can all be outside together. 

First thing on their to do list was to wash Josh's truck. Eli's job was to wash the tires with the brush.

That job didn't last too long because Eli found the water hose and immediately assumed all authority over the water hose. He may or may not have sprayed his Daddy several times with the water hose :)

Then Eli found his bike and rode up and down the driveway more times than I could count.

I'm very ready for the weather to warm up so we can be outside even more! 

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