Friday, February 24, 2012

Sara's "Ready to Pop Shower" for Brett

Early in January, our family and lots of friends threw a "Ready to Pop" shower for Sara. Baby Brett is due in March and we can't wait to add another boy to the family! Sara's sister, Jessie, organized the entire shower and did such a wonderful job with the theme. We had lots of things with "pop" in them-popcorn, cake pops, soda pop, Pop Rocks, lollipops, and so much more. We are all about to "pop" with excitement over seeing Sara because we had not seen her (or her growing belly) since Allison's wedding back in October. She looked precious as always! She got her own surprise when she was greeted by Aunt Lisa and Allison who drove in from Tennessee completely unannounced. It was so much fun to see all the gifts Baby Brett got. Sara is going to have lots of fun when he makes his arrival! 

Popcorn Bar

Jordan and Addi

Yummy food!

Mason jars for our soda pop :)

Pinterest inspired chicken salad that I made--SOOO GOOD!!!

Jordan and Sue

Me and Sue

Jess, our wonderful party planner :)

Allison and Sue

Surprising Sara when she walked in

Sue, Belinda, and Tammy

Jess, Jordan, and Allison


Sarah and Baby Brett :)

Addi and Grant look like they were dressed to match but neither one of their mommies knew what the other one was wearing. They both showed up in black and white and looked just precious!

Sara could only come in town this one weekend so everyone made sure to come to this shower and give her their gift for Brett. She was so blessed and got so many wonderful gifts!

If you look closely at the tool belt, you'll notice it says "Shane's Diaper Tool Belt."
Let's hope he doesn't really use this to change little Brett's diapers!

She was so happy to have a lollipop, but she didn't exactly know what to do with it! 

See what I mean? :)

Sarah, Sara, Jessie, and Jordan
(These four grew up together and have been friends for a long time!)

Sara and Vera

Jess and Addi

Sara and her mom, Wanda

Jessie, Sara, Wanda

Mamaw Chandler and Sara
I LOVE this one!

Sara and Tanya, her mother in law

Lisa, Sara, and Allison

Sara and her Mamaw

Grant's best bud :)


All the girls in the family

Jess and Grant

Cousins :)

It was a WONDERFUL shower! Now all we're waiting on is little Brett to arrive. It won't be too much longer!!! 

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