Saturday, January 28, 2012


My friend, Torri, has some AWESOME parents this year who like to try to "one up" the other one during their child's STAR STUDENT WEEK. For those of you that aren't teachers, every week at school we have a kid that is the Star Student. During their week as Star Student, they get to be the line leader everywhere we go, they get to sit next to the teacher at lunch, they get to bring special treats for their class, and they get to do lots of fun things. Like I said, Torri's parents have started doing really big things to try to "one up" the other one. It's kind of funny and the kids are LOVING it because they're getting to experience some really great things. A couple of weeks ago, a parent rented a snow machine and made it "snow" at our school for Torri's class. Since we live in Louisiana, we don't see very much snow, so this was such a special treat for her kids. They played for about two hours one afternoon in the snow and they all went home with such a wonderful, fun memory! 

When school let out at 3 o'clock, I called Diane to let her know that the snow was still out there and for her to bring the kids by so they could play in it. Eli and Marlie LOVED it! Hannah stood out there for about five minutes and then decided that the snow was not for her. She begged Diane to let her go back to the car. We realized that if we ever let the kids go skiing with us, Hannah won't last very long. Marlie and Eli though would have stayed out there until they had frostbite! They kept throwing snowballs at each other, running through the snow, and building snowmen. It was so much fun! 

I love little unexpected moments like this! I love that a regular afternoon turned into something very special for my little boy. I hope I can always make fun memories like this for my little boy :) 

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