Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Molly!

At the beginning of January, we celebrated Molly's 4th birthday. My friend, Dara, leads quite a busy life if you're keeping up with this blog. Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated her twins', Meredith and Jackson, birthday. Eli was very excited to go celebrate Molly's birthday. He and Molly are 10 months apart, and I've loved watching the two of them grow up together. 

Dara outdid herself and threw an amazing carnival themed birthday party for Molly. The entire gym of our church was filled with carnival games, carnival food, and two jumpers. There was so much to do! Our first stop was to guess how many suckers were in this jar. It may look like Eli is really concentrating on counting those Dum-Dum suckers, but really he was staring at the huge dragon bouncy house he couldn't wait to jump in.

Eli immediately found Hannah and the two of them stuck together like glue for the rest of the party. If these two ever do date, I don't know if Diane and I will be able to contain ourselves :) Eli's going to have to do some growing between now and then though :)

The food table

The cake table under the "Big Top"

The precious birthday girl!

Eli and Hannah didn't stray too far from the dragon bouncy house, and I managed to capture a quick picture of Hannah, Molly, and Eli. I love all these kiddos so much!

Diane and I got some hot dogs for Hannah and Eli, and we forced helped them eat before they went back to the jumper. As you can see, Eli was more interested in the slinky he found rather than eating. Big surprise :)

The two proud parents, Whest and Dara

Diane and Hannah

Big sister, Whestley, and Meredith

It took a little convincing, but we finally managed to get all the kids out of the jumpers so we could sing Happy Birthday to Molly. Dara made her a cookie cake this year rather than a big birthday cake. It made me have flashbacks of all the cookie cakes I devoured growing up from The Great American Cookie Company. Oh, man, those were good!  

Eli actually ate a cupcake this time before going right back to the jumper. By this time, he was beginning to run on empty, so I knew he wouldn't last much longer without a nap. 

We watched Molly open a few of her presents and then we had to leave. 

Eli picked up his treat bag of cotton candy, which he LOVED, and we headed home. We walked through our door and he immediately said, "Mommy, I'm ready for my nap." He took off his shoes, used the restroom, and before I knew it was sacked out in his bed. Little man was exhausted!

It was such a fun birthday party and we're so glad we were invited! Happy Birthday, Molly! Hope you had the best 4th birthday ever!

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