Friday, January 27, 2012

A Christmas Visit from Grant

Oh, dear! I am SOO far behind on this poor little blog. The good news is I've uploaded all the pictures I need to blog; the bad new is I have about ten different posts with pictures now waiting for words. Oh, if only there was more time in a girl's day! Let's go back to Christmas Day (told you I was behind!) and revisit for a little bit :) Late in the afternoon Christmas Day, Jessie, Will, and Grant all came in town and went to Josh's grandmother's house. We went over there so we could see them and so Grant and Eli could exchange Christmas gifts. Eli also had a birthday gift waiting for him because Grant couldn't make it to his party back in November.

I was still getting used to my new camera, so I brought it with me to take some pictures of the kids. Doesn't Grant look thrilled to see me? HAHA!

Eli and Grant exchanged Christmas presents. Eli was pretty excited to find that he got a new movie-The Lion King!

He even gave Grant sweet hugs for giving it to him.

Then Jessie gave Eli his belated birthday present. To say he loved it was an understatement! She got him a Cars play tent. He had to open it immediately and test it.

Grant was pretty happy about Eli's new tent, too!

Then Grant got inside the tent and he wasn't so sure anymore...haha!

Here's a view of it from the front. The back of the car even has a spoiler on it :)

After the boys exchanged presents they had lots of fun running around Mamaw's house playing together. Grant loved being pushed by Mamaw in the stroller!

Eli found one of Papaw's exercise bands and he and Josh had lots of fun playing with it. They tied each other's hands up, played tug-o-war, and even wrestled with it. It was lots of fun watching my boys play and have fun! 

Thanks, Jessie, Will, and Grant for Eli's gifts! We can't wait until we see you guys again!

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