Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Meredith and Jackson!

Back in December, we celebrated Meredith and Jackson's first birthday. Meredith and Jackson are Eli's friend Molly's little sister and little brother. My friend, Dara, their mom, planned a cute farm themed birthday party for them. The party started right in the middle of Eli's naptime, so rather than miss his naptime, we opted to go to the party late. We got there right as the twins were opening their gifts :)


Molly helping her little brother and sister open their gifts.

Their big gift was matching rocking chairs

After the gifts were opened it was time for cake. Dara always makes the cakes for her kids, so I love seeing what she does every year. This one looks great as always :)

Meredith's smash cake

Jackson's smash cake

The food area

We sang "Happy Birthday" twice, once for each twin, and then Dara and Whest put them in their chairs for their smash cakes. 

It took awhile for them to try the cake that was sitting right in front of them, so Dara helped each one get a little taste of the icing. They weren't really sure about the whole thing as you can tell. 

Like usual, my non-eater chose to play rather than eat anything at the party. He loved the bouncy they had at the party, so much so that right after this picture was taken he decided to nose dive out of it and get a nice carpet burn on his nose.

Even with the nose dive, it was still a wonderful party celebrating Meredith and Jackson's birthday. We love the Shirley family! Thanks for inviting us!

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