Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our First Snow Day of 2014

Late one Thursday night in January, snow started falling in Louisiana. This is such a rare occurrence for us that when it happens our city basically shuts down. I sent my principal a text around 6 o'clock that evening asking if we were going to have school the next day and he said that they were about to make a decision. About 30 minutes later, I was doing the happy dance at home because school had indeed been canceled! Hooray!! Eli and I went outside to look at the falling snow and then it was bed time for him. He was going to have happy snow filled dreams :)

The next morning, after sleeping in because I didn't have to go to school, we woke up to a winter wonderland (for us, at least). It felt like a different world waking up to a yard covered in snow. We couldn't wait to start playing in it!

Josh and I have ski clothes from all the years we've been skiing, but Eli doesn't yet, so he just donned whatever warm clothes he could find before going outside to play.

Our snow covered neighborhood

Maggie LOVED the snow. She acted like a puppy again and rolled all around in it. It was fun to see her acting so young again :) 

It's snowed a couple of times since Eli was born, but this is the first time that he'll actually be able to remember the snow. It was so exciting for him to get to see snow and experience it!

We moved from the front yard to the backyard to continue our snow fun. We didn't have lots of snow, but we wanted to try our best to make a snowman. 

Meet our miniature Olaf. Isn't he cute?

We spent the day going outside and then coming back inside to warm up. It was great! We made snow angels, made Olaf, threw snowballs, and had so much fun! Most of all, we made lots of memories. It was such a perfect snow day! 

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