Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snow Day, Take Two!

So, one snow day in Louisiana is not too out of the ordinary. I mean, we don't get it every single year, but it's happened before. TWO SNOW DAYS in Louisiana??? Now THAT'S  a BIG DEAL! We came back to school after our glorious long weekend and soon discovered that we were getting more snow and this time it was going to be thicker than the previous time. To say everyone was shocked would have been an understatement! We woke up Tuesday morning to another winter wonderland. Not only was snow covering everything when we woke up, but it was STILL snowing and coming down pretty hard. It was actually difficult to take pictures because of all the snow falling!

Eli, of course, couldn't wait to get out in the snow again. This doesn't happen much in a Louisiana kid's lifetime, so we had to capitalize on the moment. We dressed him in his warmest clothes and off he went. He had a blast!

Who hasn't done this?

Eating the snow :)

Well, hey there, Uncle Eddie :)

Maggie loved the snow just as much as Eli did. She had a blast playing in the snow with him!

The only problem with not living in a place where it snows often is the shortage of appropriate snow gear. After about an hour of playing outside in the snow, Eli's first set of clothes were soaking wet. He came in to warm up and change into more clothes for round two.

Around mid-morning, the snow quit falling and we got to spend the rest of the day playing in all this fun, fluffy white stuff. 

While we were in our front yard making snow angels and taking pictures, we saw our neighbor ride by on a four wheeler pulling his kids and a friend of ours, Ryan, in a kayak behind the four wheeler. Only in Louisiana...

Well, you only live once, right? Eli and I jumped in the kayak for some Cajun kayak sledding fun. 

We left our house after our kayak ride to go to the levee for some bigger snow covered hills. I loved seeing all the white covered neighborhoods as we were driving around. 

We met our friends, Guy and Kally, and their kids, Jada and Hayden at the levee. We all had a blast sliding down the levee on cardboard. Josh even brought his kayak so we could slide down in it!

I was the crash test dummy for the first ride. 

Once I survived the first ride down the levee, we loaded Eli and Hayden into it and sent them down. They LOVED it!

The big boys also had to have fun!

Cardboard definitely was the preferred method of sliding down the fastest for sure.

It was such a wonderful, snow filled day! We had so much fun playing in the snow as a family and making lots of great memories. 

Eli and I also ended up getting the next two days off from school because of the snow, so it turned into a little mini break for us.  We were even able to build a decent sized snowman too! What fun!! Maybe we'll have a snow-apocalypse next year :) Here's hoping!

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