Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Letter to Eli-The Night Before Kindergarten

Dear Eli,

Tomorrow morning you will wake up and you will immediately seem older to me. Tonight I put you to bed as a preschooler and in the morning you'll officially be a Kindergarten student. How in the world did five (almost six years) with you pass so quickly? Where is that little baby boy who was starting preschool so many years ago?  Life with you in school has been so much fun. You have blossomed and grown and learned so much. I wouldn't do anything differently in regards to your schooling if I was ever given the chance. We have been so very happy with your school, your teachers, and the quality education you're getting. You have been loved and taken care of just as if you belonged to each one of your teachers. That has certainly helped me because I never one day fretted or worried about whether or not you were happy. You have loved school every year and I know this year will not be any different.

I'm so excited to see you go to Kindergarten this year. I can't wait to hear all the stories you're going to tell me about all the fun things you do in your classroom. I can't wait to see you make new friends. You are growing and learning so much every single day. I'm so proud of all you already know even before you enter kindergarten. More than anything I love how you're becoming a reader. This morning I walked into your bedroom and you were sitting on your bed reading your Bible. What a precious, precious sight that was for me. I love our nights when we get to read our chapter books. We just finished Dr. DoLittle and tomorrow night we'll begin The Jungle Book. I love how that now you're getting older I can share some of the things I love with you. It's such a special time for me every night when we're snuggled up next to each other reading together. It's one of my favorite moments of each day.

Eli, I pray for nothing but great things for you this year sweetie. I pray that your little brain grows in leaps and bounds this year. I pray that you make new friends and keep your old ones. I pray that you will be a friend to anyone who needs one. I pray that you'll have compassion and love towards others. I pray that you will listen to your teachers and make good choices. I pray that you will always, always choose being kind. I pray for you to be comforted on those days when you're sad because I know there might be some of those. I pray that you'll always know Mommy and Daddy are proud of you and love you no matter what! I pray all this and so much more. I love you sweet man. You are my greatest blessing from God. I am so honored that God chose your Daddy and me to be your parents. It is such a joy and a delight!

Tomorrow as you walk through the doors of your Kindergarten classroom I hope you know how much you are loved by so many people. I am so proud of you and I look forward to all the great things you are going to do in your life :) You are my heart! I hope you have the best year in Kindergarten ever! I love you infinity times two whatever you say ;)


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