Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life Lately...

Life lately has been crazy for us, and it's only just beginning. In the next month, our lives are going to be completely turned upside down and inside out. We're going to begin building our new house!!!!! YIKES! Can you believe it?! Neither can we! It's something we've talked about ever since we moved here six years ago, but now it's REALLY happening!

Sometime around November we sold our house to a really nice family. They weren't ready to move in and we weren't ready to move out, so we agreed that we'd stay in it until the end of February. Now February is here and we're desperately trying to get everything together.

Over the past few months, my husband has barely slept at all because he's been working so hard trying to find us a place to live while we build our new house. Plan A was to move into a flip house we have a contract on, but unfortunately that's still tied up and we can't get our hands on it. Plan B was to find a house suitable for us to live in for the next 4-6 months, but so far we haven't had any luck there either. Plan C is to move in with his mom, Zue-Zue, until we can find something on our own. We looked at another house today and hopefully that one will work out. I'm trying not to be too picky since I know it's a temporary living situation, but I do want it to be clean, neat, and accommodating for a family with a little boy.

As far as the new house goes, we have plans picked out. Josh has met with several contractors and gotten bids, and the contractor he chose says he'll be ready to go in about 3 weeks. WOW! We went to Lowe's several weeks ago and spent the afternoon pricing everything we're going to need. As with anything that involves planning, money, and budgeting, I'd be LOST without Josh. He is so well suited for this kind of stuff and I'm so thankful that he's the one I have by my side to make decisions. He can make decisions so much easier than I can :) Plus, he LOVES to research, compare, and plan; he's much better at all that than I am.

Once the building process begins, I plan to take photos and do weekly blog posts to document the progress of our house...that's a BIG shocker, I'm sure :) I'm so happy about this next big adventure in our lives. I can't wait to begin!

"Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it:" Psalm 127:1

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