Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spending Time with Grammy

After making our Valentine's Day card, we were all ready for a break. We went downtown for some lunch and to enjoy the beautiful-almost-spring day . Eli insisted on wearing my sunglasses downtown and the paparazzi were just unbelievable. I guess word is out that he's the star of my blog :)

We went to the coffee shop downtown for a yummy lunch. I love going to this place because of how it looks and feels on the inside.

This particular day they even had free entertainment! Eli loved watching the musicians play their instruments and tried to join them one or two times :)

After our yummy lunch, Eli got to eat some colorful ice cream. That was the highlight of his trip to the coffee shop :)

We left the coffee shop and went across the street to a local bookstore. Grammy and Eli met a furry friend there named Sugar. Eli really wanted Sugar to come home with him, but we convinced him that she needed to stay at the bookstore.

The next morning, we thought it would be fun to take a picture of Eli and all of his Toy Story friends. I didn't realize he had so many until this picture! WOW! He loves each and every one of them too!

We can't wait for Grammy to come back again!

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