Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eli's 1st Day of Kindergarten

The night before school started Eli and I settled down at bedtime with all his stuffed animal friends to read The Night Before Kindergarten. He was very excited about his first day in Kindergarten the next morning. We talked about all the new people he'd have in his class, his new teachers, and all the fun he was going to have. We also talked about how I would be able to check in on him since I was at his school now, too :) We were both very excited about that :) After the book, bedtime prayers, and snuggles, Eli drifted off into dreamland. I had a lot to get ready for the next day since it was going to be my first day of fourth grade, but I made sure to write my letter to Eli on the blog like I always do the night before any big day for him. Then it was bedtime for me! It was going to be a very busy day for both of the us the next morning.  

Eli woke up the next morning, got dressed in record time (for him), and was very cooperative for his annual first day of school pictures. The whole time I was taking pictures I couldn't believe that my little man was holding a sign that said First Day of Kindergarten. These first five years have passed by way too quickly. I feel like I've done a really good job of remembering all the special moments, but after realizing how fast five years flew by I know I need to take extra care to treasure each day :) 

He looks SO BIG to me!

After pictures it was off to school for Eli's first day of Kindergarten and my first day of Fourth Grade. We went to Eli's classroom and met his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Baroni. She is precious! Her voice is so soft and sweet. I knew Eli was going to love having her as his teacher. 

We took one last family picture before going our separate ways. We were all very excited and I'm happy to report that Eli and I both had wonderful first days of school! 

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