Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Children's Museum in Jackson

One weekend afternoon, Josh surprised Eli and me with a trip to the Children's Museum in Jackson. He thought it would be something fun to do and would get us out of the house. Plus since it's a Children's Museum he knew that Eli would get to touch, play, and have lots of fun. We loaded up and headed to Jackson. Before getting to the museum we had lunch at Newk's. I'd be as big as a house if I lived close to that restaurant. I guess it's a good thing the closest ones to me are at least 2 hours away. After filling our bellies with good food, it was time to go explore. 

Eli's favorite part of the museum was the construction site. He always says that he's going to be a "worker man" one day and build things. He loved being able to operate the crane with his Daddy. They had a blast!

We found out Eli is not destined for the NBA because his jump shot is lacking...haha.

We learned all about the bones and how they move. Eli also got to take a trip down the model of a mouth and see how the stomach and intestines work. That was actually really funny because it included all kinds of poot noises guaranteed to make any little boy laugh. 

We tapped into the musical side of our brains next. Eli danced, played instruments, and sang songs. 

Then it was art time. Today's art was spin art. I remember doing this as a kid and I loving it. Eli seemed to really enjoy it too.

While his art was drying we went to the water station where Eli caught fish, built and raced boats, and much more. 

Digging up some bones

We picked up his completed piece of artwork and had time for him to do one last activity. He really wanted to do the large crane again, but it was full of kids. He settled on a smaller one and helped clear trees from the forest. He even allowed me to help :)

It was such a fun day with our little guy at the Children's Museum. We hope to visit again one day very soon! 

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