Monday, October 6, 2014

Tinsley's 2nd Birthday Party

As soon as school was over on Friday of our first week back in school, Eli and I loaded up and headed to my parents' house for Tinsley's second birthday celebration.  Tinsley ended up staying with us at Mom and Dad's house Friday night so Andrea could finish getting things ready for the party the next day. We had a huge group at Mom and Dad's because Kailey, Caleb, and my Grandma all came in town for Tinsley's party as well. Tinsley loved having everyone there. The next morning Kailey let Tinsley open her present before the party started. Tinsley was so happy to see that she got a Doc McStuffin's doctor kit. 

Andrea came and picked up Tinsley so she could take a nap before her party. Mom and Dad ran some last minute errands and I worked on the chalkboard sign for Tinsley's party. Pretty soon it was time to go to Josh and Andrea's house. It was party time!

Each kid (at heart) guest got some mouse ears to wear at the party.

My first attempt at chalkboard lettering was actually decent!
I really enjoyed doing it.

The sweet birthday girl

The theme for Tinsley's party this year was Minnie Mouse and between Andrea, my mom, and Kailey everything was just too precious! Everything was so cute!

These two LOVE each other so much :)
It makes my heart so happy to see them together.

When my parents moved about a year ago my grandmother moved as well. After living in Louisiana for her entire life, she decided to move in with my uncle (my mom's brother) in Texas. This was her first time back in Louisiana since she had moved and we were all so excited to see her. Grandma loved getting to love on all her grand babies :)

Before the party got really going Kailey and I took Tinsley out to the front to take some pictures of her in front of her sign. She wasn't really into pictures on this particular day, but I do feel like we got some that were pretty good.

I love my little mini me :)

We came inside and it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat some cake. Tinsley was very excited about the cake part because that's all she had asked for when people asked what she wanted for her birthday.

Next up was opening gifts. Tinsley had plenty of help from Eli :)

Every time she opened something she'd get really serious and then exclaim, "OH.MY.GOOOSH!" It was the cutest thing every!

After presents, we went outside to play in the jumper. We all had so much fun!

Jameson decided to sleep in front of the fan.

It was such a great day celebrating this precious, little girl who entered our world two years ago. She is such a huge piece of my heart. I love her so much and I'm so thankful that she's in our lives! Happy Birthday, Tinsley! Manna loves you so much!

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