Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hannah's Glowing 6th Birthday Party

Back in September we celebrated Hannah's 6th birthday at the local gymnastics place. Hannah requested a glow birthday party and Diane did a great job pulling that theme together! The kids played for a long time on the trampoline, balance beam, and the mats. Eli had lots of fun and actually showed me that he has really good balance. I was very impressed!

Once the kids had played for a long time, everyone went to the party room for some cake and ice cream. It was really cool looking with all the glow sticks around everything. 

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Hannah and then all the kids enjoyed their cake and ice cream. It's hard to believe that this sweet little girl is already six years old. Time flies by so quickly.

We're so blessed to be a part of this sweet family's life. We love them all so much! I love that our kids get to grow up together. Plus, in the very near future they'll also be our neighbors :) 

The kids played for a little longer after cake and ice cream and then it was time to go home. Eli gave Diane and Hannah "sweet lovies" before we left. They love each other so much :)

It was such a fun birthday party! Our lives are definitely brighter because we get to share life with this special family :)

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