Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Uncle Clare's Retirement Party

This fall one of our favorite people in the world, Uncle Clare, retired from his job at the Department of Agriculture. In honor of him and his retirement, a few family and friends got together at Uncle Clare and Mammy's house to celebrate Clare and this momentous occasion. We had coffee and a huge selection of desserts. Everything was so good!

Isn't Tammy's centerpiece so beautiful? 
This is one of the pumpkins from Clare's pumpkin patch.

Harley Clare was looking cute as always.

Tammy's famous bread pudding. It's DELISH!

The award Clare received from work. 

Eli also got a surprise at Clare's party. Mammy gave him his first
CD of George Strait. He was so excited and couldn't wait to sing "Check Yes or No".

After desserts and coffee, Clare opened up some of his gifts. Tammy gave him a job jar for when he gets bored now that he's retired. Clare read some of the slips inside and they said "Load the dishwasher", "Wash clothes", "Vacuum", etc. Sue was having a fit thinking Tammy had written all these things to make Clare work instead of enjoying his retirement and then he told her that they were all blank :) He was just doing that to get to Sue...totally worked like a charm :)

Clare and his family

Eli and Uncle Clare

Congratulations on your retirement, Uncle Clare! We are so excited that you get to travel, spend time with your family, and do what you want to do now :) We love you!

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