Thursday, December 4, 2014

Finley's 1st Birthday Party

In October our family got to celebrate another first birthday for the youngest member of the family. Finley, Josh's cousin's little girl, celebrated her first birthday Minnie Mouse style. She's the sweetest baby ever and has the prettiest eyes! We are all in love with this precious little girl, but no one more than her daddy. Jeff is quite smitten with his little girl and I love watching them together. It's pretty sweet :) 

It was hard to get a picture of Addi :)
She kept wanting to put the balloons in front of her face. 

After the kids had played some, it was time for cake. Finley didn't want to let go of her bouncy ball and since it was her party we didn't make her :)

Next it was time for the gifts. Like any one year old she couldn't care less about opening presents. She just wanted down to explore. Her Aunt Tanya stepped in and helped her open some.

What really made her happy was finally getting to eat some of her cake. She sat in her daddy's lap as calm as she could be while he fed her each sugary bite. 

Her friend Tayde came by to see what she was doing and to snag a bite himself. Jeff gave him a bite and Finley watched the whole thing. Once she saw what her daddy was doing, she started screaming. She did not want to share any of her cake!

I love seeing Jeff so happy :)

This precious couple watches Finley during the day and they adore her so much and she them. It's so wonderful to see all the people who love and care for Finley. It truly does take a village to raise them :)

Happy Birthday, sweet Finley. I'm so happy that I get to be around to watch you grow up. You are the sweetest little girl ever!

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