Thursday, December 25, 2014


For Halloween this year, Eli decided that he wanted to go as Ironman at school and Spiderman around the neighborhood. I lucked out at Target a couple of weekends before Halloween when they were running a "Buy One-Get One Free" sale. Eli was able to score two new costumes for the price of one. He is still a huge fan of superheroes complete with muscles and I love that :)

Before we left for school, I had Eli take a few pictures by our front door. 

Isn't he just the cutest Ironman you ever saw?

At our school, the Pre-K and Kindergarten students get to trick-or-treat around the entire school and the kids in the older grades pass out candy to them. This was Eli's last year to trick-or-treat and I'm so glad I was able to go with him once again. I had our school's resource teacher come watch my class so I could walk with Eli and it worked out perfectly! 

Ironman, Ninja Turtle, Ironman, and Ninja Turtle :) 

Eli, Thomas, Douglas, Cooper, and Logan
These guys have been Eli's friends for a long time.

Hannah went as a cute little kitty :)

We got back to Eli's classroom and after a few photos I left him to have fun with his friends. 

Eli and Thomas

This year Sarah and I decided to recycle our alien costumes from last year and go as Hershey kisses. It totally worked and was super easy to create! I had fun dressing up with my twin again :)

That night Eli made a costume change and went as Spiderman to trick-or-treat at our church and around the neighborhood. He had lots of fun at the church seeing everyone's trunks all decked out and all the costumes. 

After loading up on candy at the church, we went on a hayride with one of our neighbors around our neighborhood and Eli loved getting out at every house and getting to say "Trick or Treat". We came home and Eli had TONS of candy. It was another year of great fun! 

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