Saturday, December 27, 2014

Opening His 6th Birthday Presents

Like we've done since his third birthday (the year of the MAJOR meltdown over the umbrella that he didn't get to play with after opening) we opened his birthday presents back at our house after the party. We had just family and close friends come and watch Eli open his gifts. It's worked so well in the past few years and we didn't want to mess up a good thing :) Eli can open his gifts and play with them as he opens or move on to the next present. 

Eli with all his gifts.

One of his favorite gifts...a tool set from Zue-Zue complete with a toolbox you have to build.

Another favorite gift was the Kinetic sand my parents gave Eli.
Everyone loved it!

Jameson was passed from one person to another and didn't seem to mind a bit. He's one of the best babies ever! 

Addi and Jameson

Zue-Zue and Jameson

Jameson loved watching everything. He's the cutest!

My parents also gave Eli a Perplexus. It's such a great concentration game for your kids. 
Eli, Daddy, and Pop loved playing with it!

After opening all the gifts, Grammy, Pop, and all the grandkids went on the front porch so they could pictures to use for their Christmas card. It was definitely a challenge but I think we finally found one that worked! 

It was such a good day with family from start to finish. I can't believe that my little man is 6 years old. It's been such a fun ride and I can't wait to see what the future holds :)

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