Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eli's Birthday at School

On November 6, my little boy officially turned 6 years old. Whoa. That happened really fast. Josh and I have talked about it a lot recently and even though we both feel like we have truly enjoyed, cherished, and celebrated every single moment with this precious gift, it still feels like time zoomed by faster than we could blink. I love that I get a front row seat to watch this sweet boy grow up and it is such an honor and a privilege that God has chosen me to be his mom. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and I'm so thankful for all the ways he has helped to make me a better person. My heart is so full :) Before we left for school that morning, I had Eli stand by his birthday wreath for a few pictures. He looks so big here :(

It's such a blessing to work at the same school where Eli attends now because I didn't have to arrange for a sub just to take cupcakes to his class like I have in years past. It's the little things in life :) When my fourth graders left to go to their activity for the afternoon, I walked down to Eli's class with his cupcakes and juice. He was so excited to show me all the treats his teacher had given him that morning and about getting to share his birthday with his friends. 

Eli, Thomas, and Scott

My sweet birthday boy

The class sang "Happy Birthday" to Eli and then we passed out cupcakes and juice to all his friends. 

Enjoying his cupcake :)

Logan, Eli, Thomas, Douglas, and Charlie

That night when Josh got home from work, we asked Eli where he wanted to go eat for his birthday and he picked Johnny's (YES!) and then wanted yogurt for dessert. It was such a fun day getting to celebrate this little boy who has dramatically changed our lives for the better. Thank you, God, for our precious son!

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