Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christmas at Zue-Zue's-2014

We got back from my parent's house late Saturday night. We'd had such a wonderful visit with all of them and I was so glad we'd gotten a chance to spend the day with them.  Next up for us was Christmas with Zue-Zue. When we got to her house we noticed that there were a lot of presents under the tree. Someone had obviously been awfully good this year :) 

Eli was excited about all the gifts and couldn't wait to open his surprises. 

My whole world right here :)

Eli 's first gift was a blue beanbag that he'll keep at Zue-Zue's house. Now he'll always have a comfy place to sit when he goes to visit her. 

Josh's big gift was a cover for his Big Green Egg and table that he'd built. Sadly, it didn't fit :( Josh built his table according to the specifications on their website, but the cover was incredibly short. He had to take it back, but he ended up using that money to get him some new golf shoes so it worked out in the end!

Eli got some new Converse sneakers. If I had it my way he'd have every color of these. I think he looks so cute in them. I love me some Converse :)

One of my favorite gifts was the blanket scarf I had been drooling over on Pinterest. I found it on Groopdealz one morning and sent the link to Zue-Zue. Magically, it appeared in my Christmas loot :)

We all got new comfy blankets and Josh loved his. 

Eli loved his martian from Toy Story that glows in the dark. I think he now has all the main characters. It's crazy how much he loves all the guys from Toy Story and still plays with all of them. 

I also got this "designer inspired" herringbone vest from Groopdealz and I can't even tell you how many times I wore it this past winter. It was definitely on rotation in my closet each week. 

I didn't get a picture of it, but Sue's big gift from us (kind of a birthday gift and Christmas wrapped all in one) was a new vacuum cleaner. She's been lugging a pull around canister type vacuum cleaner around all these years so we bought her an upright one. She's over the moon about it. It was pretty funny because the night she opened it she was pretty much shooing us out of the house so she could use it. 

We had a wonderful Christmas with Zue-Zue. We packed up our stuff and headed back to our house late that night. The next night was Christmas Eve and we couldn't wait to get ready for Santa Claus to come!

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