Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Ready for Santa

Every year for Christmas I normally bake a hodgepodge of goodies and pass them out to our neighbors. This year I decided to focus on baking just one thing and giving that away as a gift rather than baking up an assortment of items. The Pioneer Woman's famous homemade cinnamon rolls were just perfect for this! I had such a great time preparing batch after batch of these cinnamon rolls for my neighbors (and making sure we had a couple of batches put away for us as well). Once they were all ready to go, Eli helped me deliver them to everyone on our street. Now our neighbors would have something they could pop in the oven Christmas morning while they were opening gifts. I think I found my new tradition :) 

Yummy, gooey, sticky cinnamon rolls

All wrapped up and ready to be delivered.

Normally we bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, but I didn't want Eli to be up too late that night so we baked them the day before Christmas Eve. Eli got in the festive mood by wearing his Santa jammies and his Santa hat. I think Santa definitely prefers chocolate chip cookies, but those definitely are as fun to bake and decorate so I'm glad he accepts sugar cookies too ;)

Santa's little helpers hard at work

Eli's favorite part...sprinkles!

Ready to go in the oven

All done!

Since we had cookies for Santa out of the way, when Christmas Eve rolled around the only other thing we had left to do to get ready for Santa was to make food for his reindeer. 

Adding the sprinkles

Once the reindeer food was complete, Eli went outside and spread it on the ground for the reindeer. He made sure to put in extra sprinkles to give them the energy they were going to to need to fly all night with Santa. Now it was time to wait for Santa Claus to arrive!

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