Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eli's Last Year of T-Ball

This year was Eli's last year of t-ball and what a great season it was! Josh was his head coach this year and it was so much fun getting to watch my two boys together. I was so proud of Josh for stepping into this "Dad Role" because he was only one of two dads who did in our community. Kind of hard to believe that isn't it? Every other t-ball team was coached by a mom. I'm thankful that these moms stepped up to the plate (pun intended) because otherwise our t-ball league wouldn't have made it, but it was kind of sad to me that out of ten t-ball teams only two had dads signed up to be the head coach (cue "Cat's in the Cradle").

Our team was blessed to have three great dads as their coaches and they all did such a great job. Our team lost only one game, but more importantly these boys learned so much! Getting to watch them progress from the first game to the last game was such a treat. They really bonded as a team and that made it lots of fun. I took pictures at every game in between doing my "Dug-Out Mom" responsibilities and these are the highlights from Eli's last season in t-ball. Next year we're moving up to coach pitch with a pitching machine. EEEK! That makes me incredibly nervous, but I know my little guy will be able to handle it, especially with his Daddy by his side :)

First team picture

"Ready" position

Tagging a kid out at home.

Batting practice before the game.

One thing that stood out to me about Josh as a coach was how he always had a quick team meeting before and after the game (no other coach did this). It really focused the boys and made them get into the "team" mindset.  They loved their team meetings! 

Coach Chris always prayed with the boys after the game. 

Team Chant after the prayer

Melt. my. heart. 

Eli's athletic abilities really "clicked" this year in t-ball. He was one of the top three hitters on our team and he was one of the best fielders/catchers. He and his Daddy worked really hard in between games on catching, hitting, and fielding, so it was rewarding to see how his hard work paid off during the actual games. 

About midway through the season, Josh started bringing eye black to the games for the boys to wear. He told them it was "war paint" and that it made them tougher. These little boys LOVED getting their war paint on as soon as they arrived at the game. It definitely seemed to help, too! They were the toughest t-ball team around. 

Josh and Eli at his last t-ball game ever. 

Last team chant

#1 t-ball team in the league :)
Way to go, boys!!

Pop and Zue-Zue with Eli after his last t-ball game. 

A week after our last game, we had closing ceremonies for t-ball. All the t-ball teams gathered together on the same field and each coach passed out trophies to the boys on their team. It was so much fun to see the excitement on these kids' faces when they received their trophies. 

Grammy, Pop, and Zue-Zue also came to closing ceremonies and we celebrated with a little Johnny's Pizza afterwards.

Last team picture with their t-ball trophies.
Great season, boys!! You all did such a good job!!

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