Tuesday, June 23, 2015

End of School Activities, Grandpa E, a Pig, and More

Our May turned into it's own version of December. Whew! When May finally wrapped up I felt like we had run a marathon race. It seemed we had an event, celebration, visitor, trip, etc. every few days during the month. Here are the highlights from our very busy month of May. It was a whirlwind but lots of fun!

End of the Year Awards for AWANA
Eli was in Sparks this year and loved it. 

My 4th grade class had a special visitor, Louie the Pig. 

Backseat riding in the back of Daddy's Jeep with this cutie

"Take a picture of me, Mommy!" 
Eli chose this picture location while we waited for supper one night. 

Grandpa E came to visit for a few days. 
We loved getting to spend time with him. 

We went to our favorite hiking spot with Grandpa E.
We loved getting to show him the waterfalls. 

Treats I made for Eli's friends on the last day of school.

Ready to pass out his treats. 

I pulled up all my pansies and snapdragons so I could plant my summer annuals. 
I selected a few to put in a vase on our table. 

Left: Eli on the first day of Kindergarten.
Right: Eli on the last day of Kindergarten.

It was such a fabulous year for my little guy. He grew academically and stretched his reading skills. He was one of two kids in his class who was able to start Accelerated Reading in Kindergarten this year-normally the kids don't start it until First Grade. His handwriting and sentence writing improved a lot! I loved reading through his journal he brought home and seeing how much he progressed every week with his writing. He began taking spelling tests and passing them with flying colors. In math, he started addition and subtraction and did most of it mentally. We were super proud of all his accomplishments. Not only did he grow academically, but he grew physically as well! He lost four teeth in Kindergarten this year! Next year he'll start First Grade with some big grown-up teeth :) All in all, it was such a great year for Eli. His teacher and aide were just precious and took great care of Eli all day, every day. We loved having them!

Last day of school for Eli. 

Girl's Night Out with some of my favorite people in the world. 

The students' last day of school was Thursday, May 21st, and that morning each class had their end of the year programs. Eli's class performed a "Zoosical" and each kid had to dress up like a different animal. Eli was a snake and Cooper was a tiger. Finding a snake costume was not easy at all so we did the best we could being it was the end of May and Mommy was DONE. He was a rare blue diamond rattlesnake and he loved it :) That's all the matters!

Cooper and Eli developed such a sweet friendship this year. 
Sarah and I loved watching the two of them together. Sweet boys!

Zue-Zue came to watch Eli's program and he went home with her afterwards.
They had a great time!

Friday, May 22nd was the last day for teachers. Our day consisted of getting all our furniture off the floor,  covering everything for the summer, and completing all our end of the year records. It always amazes me that in a matter of minutes I can dismantle a room that took me weeks at the beginning of the year to put in order. Such is the life of a teacher. I'm sure it'll take me the better part of two weeks to put everything back the way it was when summer is over.  

On our way out the door on our last day, Sarah and I took one last picture. What an incredible, amazing, blessed, and wonderful year it was for both of us in Fourth Grade. The entire year flew by so quickly and I can't believe our first year in Fourth Grade is over. I am so thankful that I had this chick by my side and we were able to wade through the waters of Fourth Grade together. Both of us are still amazed how we ended up together again, but I know it was definitely meant to be. I'm looking forward to many more years with her as my teaching partner :)

Sarah and I left school, had lunch downtown, and then did a little shopping before parting ways. Eli was having a Mammy day so I stopped by the library real quick before going to get him. Summer for me means reading and I was so excited to get started! 

That was our May in a nutshell. Lots of activities, lots of memories, and lots of fun. Now we're looking forward to all the fun that summer brings!

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