Thursday, July 2, 2015

Let the Summer Activities Begin!

Summer for us is officially halfway over...BOO HOO HOO! I'm so sad that we only have a month left of unplanned days, late bedtimes, naps whenever we want them, swimming, vacations and having lots of fun. We have had a blast so far this summer and we plan to continue making lots of memories! Here's a peek into what we've been up to since school got out in May. 

I'm a planner by nature so the first thing we did was create a "Summer Fun List". On it we listed everything we could think of that we wanted to do during the summer- some free, some not. We came up with about 64 activities/places/adventures/events we wanted to do this summer. The list is a working list so by no means is it set in stone. We've already done several things that weren't on the list per say, but they were fun activities that we wanted to do. 

After we made the list, Eli immediately chose "Do a Scavenger Hunt" as the first activity he wanted to scratch off the list. I made him a scavenger hunt that he could complete around the house where he had to find objects of a certain color and draw them. After he completed that scavenger hunt, I listed properties of objects (something purple, something that looks like a cylinder, something that is flat, etc.) and Eli had to find objects in the house and bring them to me so he could scratch them off his checklist. He loves doing these scavenger hunts and I'm able to work in a little school review while he does them without him even knowing ;)

Our next activity was going through all of Eli's toys, stuffed animals, clothes, and books and getting rid of everything he had outgrown. It took ALL DAY LONG but we finally finished. We gave a lot of stuff away to friends with younger kids, threw some stuff in the trash, and gave the rest of it to a local shelter. It felt great purging all those items! Now I need to go through my closet and Josh's!

The next day I had some paintings that I needed to work on so Eli joined me in my craft room with his big Lego blocks. If you are ever wondering what to get a little boy these blocks are such a great idea. Eli got these when he was one and he has played with them ever since. They have been such a great gift! He made a throne for Mo and also a hot tub. I love watching him use his imagination :)

Probably one of my favorite things that we had to include on our Summer Fun List was to eat lunch at Johnny's. Johnny's Pizza is hands down my favorite pizza ever so we just had to include it on the list. We're always at school so we never get to take advantage of the buffet lunch until summer time. We met Josh there one day for lunch and it was oh so good! 

After our Johnny's visit, we went shopping downtown to buy gifts for my Bunco group. I had to host Bunco at my house for the month of June so I needed to get all the prizes. Eli and I went into one shop and he found an old school Whoopee Cushion. He'd never gotten to use one so I had to buy it for him :) If it makes poot noises, it's definitely little boy approved. As you can see from his face, it was love at first poot for Eli. He loved getting to play a trick on his Daddy when he got home from work. 

We ended our first week with a visit to a local malt shop. Eli and I had never even been to this particular malt shop even though it's literally 3 minutes away from school. I'd always heard that their shakes were fabulous so on a whim one day we stopped by and got us a couple. Eli got cookies-n-cream and I got banana. Those were some of the BEST shakes ever! I've lived here 10 years and I can't believe I'd never had one before. I told Eli we now had a new Friday treat place once school starts up again :)

Our summer got off to a great start and more fun is on the way :)

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