Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Fun-Beach Vacation Day 1

Our annual beach vacation week finally arrived! We were all so excited and ready to put our toes in the sand and relax on the beach. We left early Sunday morning, stopped by McDonald's on the way for a quick breakfast, and then we were off and running. We always try to stretch our breakfast as long as possible so we can eat a late lunch at the beach. I pack snacks and those usually hold us over until we finally reach the sand and sun. 

This year when we arrived at the beach we ate at a little place called The Gulf. For the past three years we've been saying that we wanted to stop and eat here, but it never worked out. This year it did! The setting was just beautiful-I could live on their patio overlooking the water-and the food was yummy! I ordered fresh shrimp tacos and the boys both ordered cheeseburgers. We sat and thoroughly enjoyed our first meal on the beach. 

We left the restaurant and went to Publix (man, I wish we had one of these back home) to get our groceries for the week. Most of our meals are eaten at the condo, but we do usually go to out to eat a few times during the week for dinner at night. As soon as we got to our condo and unloaded our groceries and our suitcases, Eli and I headed straight out to the balcony. Our condo is on the 11th floor of our building but it overlooks the ocean so we get incredible views. I love being able to feel the breeze, see the water, and hear the sound of the waves as they crash on the shore. It instantly relaxes me and puts me in such a wonderful mood. Eli and I shared the lounger and enjoyed being in our "happy place".

He saw me taking pictures of the ocean so he had to as well. 

We love the beach!

We rested for an hour or so and then we decided to take a walk on the beach before the sun went down. Eli couldn't wait to play in the waves.  

My honey :)

Eli's happy place

Several friends of mine from school went to the beach right after we got out of school and I remember seeing them post tons of pictures of the starfish they kept finding. I guess this year is the year of the starfish because we came to a spot where some kids were finding tons! I couldn't wait to hold one and see what it felt like. It was really neat to see what it looked like up close. 

We gave the starfish back to the kids (I reminded them to throw them back into the water) and we continued our walk. I was so glad I was getting to spend this time with my boys. It was much needed for Josh because he's been really busy at work lately. This week was all about relaxing, especially for him. 

We came back to the condo after our walk and decided to eat at the condo that night. Eli and Josh manned the grill and after our delicious supper, it was off to bed. Tomorrow was going to be our first full day at the beach and we were all looking forward to it. Our beach vacation was just getting started :)

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