Friday, July 31, 2015

Jameson's First Birthday Party (Picture Post)

It's hard to believe that a year has already gone by since sweet Jameson entered this world. In such a short time, he's grown from this precious smiley baby, who stole our hearts the moment he arrived,

to this precious smiley toddler, who still has our hearts and makes us laugh every day. 

On his birthday, July 11th, a small group of family and friends celebrated Jameson turning one at Josh and Andrea's house. It was a "Little Man" themed birthday bash and there were lots of mustaches and bow ties to go around. Mom helped Andrea with most of the party prep and I thought everything turned out so cute! My only responsibilities were to take pictures, decorate a small chalkboard, and make bow tie pasta. All those were very doable :) So without further ado, here are most of the pictures I took of Jameson's first birthday party. 

Andrea's entry table

Chocolate mustache party favors

The party was at 2:00 and Jameson was in a fantastic mood. He was so happy and looked precious in his party outfit. 

Jameson ADORES his mommy. 
He is such a Momma's boy :)

Eli and Tinsley

Andrea's cousin, Brittney, and her daughter, Kirsten

We noticed that all the men uncannily matched the party decor (minus Caleb) 
so a picture was in order!

Silly pic! Apparently, Andrea's dad, doesn't do silly :)

Since it was SO hot because "Hello, Louisiana", Andrea and Josh set up a little kiddie pool in the backyard for the kiddos to splash and play in during the party. 

After eating and playing it was time for cake! Jameson was a little unsure about the whole smashing his hands in the cake business but he warmed up to it. 

After all that cake it was time to clean the little guy up. Good thing there was a kiddie pool near by :) 

Time for presents!!

Best toy award of the party. 
ALL the kids (even my almost 7 year old) loved this old school Fisher Price TV. 

Jameson's birthday goodies

We all sat around talking and visiting and then Dad cut up a watermelon for us to all eat. Jameson LOVES watermelon!

He doesn't like you to touch HIS watermelon though as his Mommy found out. Bless his little heart!

MUCH better!

It was a wonderful party day celebrating this sweet little man. Happy Birthday, Jameson! You are such a blessing and a delight! We all had a great time being together and in just a few short weeks we'll be together again celebrating Tinsley's 3rd birthday :) 

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