Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Fun Week Five-Spending Time with Tinsley and Friends

We made the trip to Grammy and Pop's house and this little kid stayed awake the entire trip until we were about 15 minutes away from my brother's house. Since Grammy and Pop were working, we went to pick Tinsley up first so she could stay the night with us. 

Eli and Tinsley LOVE spending time with each other. My brother installed her car seat and I had two happy kiddos in my backseat. 

We drove to Grammy and Pop's house to drop off our bags and to wait for Pop to get home from work. Once he got home, we went to eat some pizza and then stopped and got frozen yogurt for dessert. 

The next day we went to see the movie Inside Out. This was Tinsley's first movie experience and she was so excited about getting to see Inside Out. Eli and I had been prepping her for all of the fun things she'd get to experience at the theater and she couldn't wait to get there.

Quick picture before we got out of the car :) 
Don't they look cook in their sunglasses??

Crazy nuts

We're still working on Tinsley's "cheese" face :)

As soon as we walked into the theater, Tinsley breathed in deeply and said, "Yummy, popcorn!!" She was excited about getting her own kid's box of popcorn to eat during the movie.

Waiting in line for popcorn and drinks

The movie was really cute. I think I enjoyed it more than the kids because there was a lot of adult humor about the "little voices" in our heads and it made me laugh. Tinsley managed to stay awake during the entire movie even though it fell right during her normal nap time. They both came out of the theater talking about how funny the movie was and how much they enjoyed it. We took a few pictures with some of the props advertising upcoming movies and then we went back to Grammy and Pop's house. We'd had a very fun day!

The next morning we made plans to go to a local trampoline park that had just opened.

Quick picture before leaving Grammy and Pop's house.

We made it to the trampoline park, paid for our jump time, and they were off! They had lots of fun jumping and playing. There were a few things I wasn't too impressed with (they were EXTREMELY STRICT) but overall the kids seemed to enjoy their jumping experience. It definitely wore them out and they were super hungry for lunch :)

We met Andrea for lunch and then let Tinsley go with her so she could take a good nap at her house. We left to go straight to Grammy and Pop's house but then we found out about another trampoline park near us and decided to go check it out. Two trampoline parks in one day is totally okay because SUMMER VACATION :)

This second trampoline park was MUCH BETTER! Eli had such a fun time here and if we go back this is the one we'll definitely go to. There was just so much more for kids to do here besides just jump. We played here for an hour and then we headed back to Grammy and Pop's house. 

We ended up getting Tinsley back for the night because Eli wanted to play with her some more before we left the next day. I told you they love each other :) 

The next morning we had to go back home (Eli's friend Thomas was having a birthday party and we needed to be there) so we dropped Tinsley off at her house and I got some sweet smiles from this little guy. It's hard to believe that we were going to be back in just two short weeks to celebrate his first birthday. Where did that first year go?!?!

We got on the road and it wasn't long before I got this text from my Dad. This is just one of the many reasons why he's the best dad ever. He always prays for us before we get on the road and if he can't be there in person he sends you his prayer in a text. I love this guy a lot :)

It was nice to be home :) We made monster cookies that night and checked that off our "Summer Fun List." They were super yummy!

Then the next day we celebrated Thomas's 6th birthday. These sweet boys are growing up so fast! They've been friends for a long time and I love being able to watch their friendship grow every year. Eli ended up going home with the birthday boy for a play date, so I'd say he had another great week of summer vacation! 

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