Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Fun-Beach Vacation Day 4

Wednesday morning Eli woke up bright and early to find that the Tooth Fairy had visited and left him some money and a new pair of goggles for the pool. He was super excited and we sent this picture out to all the grandparents just after he woke up. 

Josh wanted to do something different than just our regular beach routine so we looked at all the things to do in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area and we found a local water park called Waterville. We got dressed and went there that morning and had a blast! Eli was now tall enough to ride all of the rides-even the ones that made me really nervous-and he loved every single minute of it. He's going to be a little daredevil like his Daddy :) We did tons of slides, the wave pool, the kid splash area, the lazy river, and much more. Eli's favorite were the slides where we all got to go at the same time and race down the bottom. It was lots of fun! This is the only picture I took because I stored my phone in a locker while we were there. We had a blast!

Ready to conquer Waterville!

We stayed at Waterville until well after lunch time and by the time we left we were starving! We stopped at Rotolo's before going back to the condo. I took this picture of Eli because he was rocking some serious water park hair :)

Our friend (and Josh's old boss) from college just happened to be on her beach vacation at the same time as us, so Wednesday afternoon Lori drove over to our condo to spend some time with us. By that time the water had calmed down a lot and you could immediately tell just from the color of the water. It was BEAUTIFUL! I spent the entire afternoon while we were waiting on Lori on the balcony reading my book and looking out at the water. This beach bum couldn't wait to get down to the water!

We visited with Lori in the condo for about an hour and then we all put our suits on and headed down to the beach.

We took a long walk down the beach altogether and found lots of jellyfish and more starfish. Then we went back to the pool at the condo to relax some more. We sure do love this lady a lot! 

We made dinner reservations at a local place called Shipp's Harbour Grill and it was FABULOUS!! Oh my word, the food was SO GOOD! I definitely recommend eating there and the Wilson family will for sure go there again next year. Eli was so tired from our incredibly busy day that he actually fell asleep in the restaurant. I can count on one hand how many times that has ever happened in his life. Lori, Josh, and I stayed late at the restaurant enjoying our food and catching up and were some of the last customers to leave the restaurant that night. It had been a wonderful day! We said bye to Lori, carried our little sleepyhead to the car, and drove back to the condo. Tomorrow was our last full day on the beach and we wanted to make the most of it :)

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