Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Fun-Father's Day Weekend and More

We left the beach Friday morning and got home late Friday evening. Whew! There's nothing like coming home after being away for a week. I was so ready to sleep in my own bed, drink our coffee, and just enjoy being in our space. 

Before we left for the beach, we boarded Barkley at our local vet's office. We also scheduled for him to be neutered while he was at the vet's office because "ain't nobody got time for puppy business over here". I called to check on Barkley on our way home from the beach and they reported that he was having a blast and that he was full of energy. Tell me something I don't know...haha! Our vet's office was closed when we got home Friday so Eli and I picked him up Saturday morning. Barkley was quite thrilled to be back with his family :) I took this picture of the two of them when we got home. Barkley doesn't understand how to ride in the back of my car like a normal dog. He feels he's got to be touching you at all times. I'd say these two boys were quite happy to be back together :)

Sunday was Father's Day and we enjoyed celebrating Josh all day long. I posted this picture on Instagram of all the fathers in Eli's life. He is one blessed little boy! Each one of these men have poured themselves into Eli's life and he adores them all!

Sunday afternoon Josh, Eli, and I went to the golf course so they could play some Father's Day golf. I went along for the ride and had fun spending time with my boys. 

On Monday life went back to normal-Josh went to work and Eli and I hung out at the house. While I was out in the garden working, Eli had a movie date with all his Toy Story friends. He loves to set them up while he watches the movie so they can watch with him. I came in to check on him and this was what I saw. It was too cute to not take a picture of it. 

After the movie, it was time for us to run some errands in town. First up was the pool store. Our pool decided to turn green on us while we were at the beach so we needed to fix that ASAP. It turns out that our flow sensor on our salt system stopped working so it wasn't producing chlorine like it was supposed to be. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars replacing that sensor, we decided to just add the chlorine to our pool manually until we decide what to do about the salt system. 

I wanted to get a pedicure, so I called Tammy to see if she wanted a "Mammy Day" with Eli after lunch. She said yes so after our lunch I dropped Eli off with Tammy. She's kept him since he was 3 months old and he loves going over to her house to spend time with her and Uncle Clare. 

Tammy and Clare have a couple cats in the house and Eli loves playing with a calico named Matilda. Matilda is B-A-D! She won't let you rub her or pet her and if you try she's going to attack you. She is as mean as a hornet! Eli uses the laser pointer and gets her to chase it around the house. It makes him laugh to see her chase after that tiny red ball of light. When I came to pick up Eli, Matilda was laying across his bag of toys and wasn't budging. I ended up moving her with my foot because I was scared she was going to claw my hand to death. Badness!

When we got back to the house, Eli asked me to draw a new picture of Buzz, Woody, and a martian so he could color it and hang it on his wall. It wasn't perfect but I sketched something out quickly for him to color. He seemed pleased :)

Tuesday I made an impromptu decision to go visit my family for a couple of days, so we woke up and packed our bags for Grammy and Pop's house. We didn't leave until after lunch though because the Snakeman was coming to the library that day and we had to go see him! Our friends, the Atkins, (there's too many of them now to list, haha) were there too and Eli sat with him during the show. The Snakeman showed the kids tons of snakes that are native to Louisiana like the corn snake, the pine snake, the king snake, and more. He taught them about respecting snakes in the wild and he encouraged the kids to use the resources at the library to learn about the things that interest them, like snakes, bugs, space, horses, etc. I sure hope snakes aren't one of the things that interest Eli. Momma can't have a snake in her house!

Cooper and Eli

The Snakeman is always a huge hit at the library and tons of kids come. I weeded my way through the kids after the show to get a picture of him with the kids. I grabbed Eli and two of the four Atkins' kids (Avery and Clayton) and they took a picture with the Snakeman. I love how Avery is looking at him...too cute!!

We left the library and met Josh at a restaurant for lunch. Then we loaded up and made the drive to see Grammy and Pop. We were excited about having a fun rest of the week. 

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