Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Fun-The Glenn Gang Comes to Visit and More

VBS ended Friday, June 5th, and later that afternoon our friends, the Glenns, arrived to spend the weekend with us. They used to live here before they moved to Florida about 5 years ago and they were coming in for our church's celebration service for paying off our sanctuary renovation debt. Dan was the pastor here when our church decided to completely renovate our sanctuary so they wanted him to come back and preach a special message on Sunday, June 7th. Dan, Nicki, Josh, and I were all really close when they lived here and spent lots of nights just hanging out together talking and having fun. We've stayed in contact with them ever since they moved so whenever they come to town it's like nothing has changed. We just pick up where we left off last and keep going. Our boys love each other and play so well together. I always get a little sad when I see them playing because it makes me wish that we all lived closer together. The Glenns were with us from Friday night until Tuesday morning and we had the best time. Here are some pictures from our time with them. We were busy, busy, busy! I can't wait to see them again soon!

Saturday morning was spent by the pool with these three boys. 
They loved having pool time!

Dan, Nicki, Jonah, and Micah 

Sweet boys!

Saturday night our friends, the Welchs, hosted a little get together for Dan and Nicki and invited current and former staff members from the church and other close friends of Dan and Nicki's. We all  had lots of fun catching up with everyone. 

Nicki and Josh Hargon

Zue-Zue and Jonah

Eli and Jonah

Zue-Zue with her favorite boys

Micah and Eli

Josh, me, Nicki, and Dan
I miss these people so much!

Dan, Josh H., Josh, and Tim

Sunday morning we all went to church for the special message from Dan and afterwards our family skipped the church pot luck and went to a local restaurant to celebrate Josh's 36th birthday. Eli was enamored with the chopsticks and gobbled up his food super fast. We most certainly brought those chopsticks home to help encourage him to eat at home too :) 

After we ate, Josh and Eli dropped me off at the hospital because my best friend, Sarah, had delivered her fourth little baby that very morning. She normally delivers super early but this time she delivered on her actual due date. I'd sent her a text that morning that said, "Happy Due Date Day!! You've never made it this far before!" and about an hour later I got a text of baby Colt! I couldn't believe it! I couldn't wait to get some sweet baby snuggles.

When I got to her room our friend, Judy, was already there soaking up the baby loving. It was so good to see her too! She and I passed Colt back and forth between us and visited with Sarah and Brandon before we each had to go. 

We left the hospital and came home. Eli and I took a quick bike trip around the neighborhood while we waited for Dan, Nicki, Jonah, and Micah to get back from visiting. 

Since no one had to be up super early the next morning, we let the two older boys camp out in the living room and stay up late to watch American Ninja Warrior. They were thrilled!

The next morning the adults relaxed and enjoyed coffee while the boys played. Then we all stayed by the pool until it was time for lunch and nap time. 

Micah loved "Bark-a-ley"

Josh came home for lunch after he got a text from me saying I was frying up some squash (I know how to keep my man happy!). He ended up staying home the rest of the day and we spent the afternoon talking and hanging out with Dan and Nicki while Jonah and Eli watched a movie and Micah napped. When Micah woke up it wasn't too much longer that we heard the sound of the ice cream truck making his way around the neighborhood. The boys grabbed their money and ran out to sit on the front steps to wait for him. 

They all put their ice cream in the freezer to save for after their supper and then we took a moment to look at our Summer Fun List. Jonah helped Eli and I mark off some items on our list. 

Our long weekend with Jonah and Micah was over but it had been so much fun. These boys had a blast playing together and so did the adults!! I can't wait to see our friends again...maybe we can go visit them next time :) 

Our friends left Tuesday morning and the rest of the week we kept things simple and easy. Eli enjoyed some time in the sprinkler Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, we rode our bikes to the Farmer's Market to buy some fresh fruit (I was pleased to note that most of the veggies they were selling are ones I already grow!). Since we were close to the library we went there to check out some new books and then we rode our bikes a couple blocks down to visit Zue-Zue at work.  On our way home from visiting Zue-Zue, we stopped at the bakery and picked up some cupcakes. This is a perfect example of why I LOVE living in a small town. We were able to ride our bikes to all of our destinations and it was just a short 10 minute ride from our house. It was such a fun morning! 

Sprinkler fun Tuesday afternoon

Our Wednesday morning bike riding fun

Cupcakes for all of us-strawberry for Josh, Italian cream for me, and Oreo for Eli

Fresh nectarines and peaches from the Farmer's Market

Pool time with Barkley

Later on in the week we made some yummy root beer floats. We didn't have Blue Bell, but Breyer's was a suitable substitute. 

Friday we visited our friends the Atkins. I wanted to see baby Colt again and Eli wanted to see Cooper and play with him. We stayed around until about lunch time and the kids had a great time playing, swimming, and hanging out with each other. I'm so glad my little boy gets to grow up with these guys. It's such a joy watching them together. 

After our fun week, Eli updated our Summer Fun List and then it was time for us to pack. Next up was our beach vacation! Yay!

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