Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Fun-Week Two (June 1st-June 5th)

Our second week of summer vacation saw us participating in VBS in the mornings and then we'd usually go home after lunch to eat, rest, and then have more fun. One fun thing that happened was that Barkley started swimming in our pool. Now when we first got Barkley we were all strict and tough and said that Barkley would not be going into the pool at all. We didn't want him jumping in and scratching the liner forcing us to spend thousands of dollars on a new one. We also didn't think he liked water because up to this point it had seemed like torture every time he got a bath. He HATED water! We talked all the time about how he was a disgrace to his retriever lineage and how he was the opposite of a water dog. 

Well, fast forward a couple of weeks and one day when Eli and I were in the pool, Barkley walked in from the steps and jumped in! He hasn't quit jumping in since then. Now we don't worry about him scratching the liner anymore and enjoy having our water dog in the pool with us. He listens pretty well and when you've had enough of him swimming you can just tell him "Go to the steps." and he'll get out. Sometimes we'll look out the window into the backyard and we'll see Barkley just hanging out on the pool steps enjoying the cool water :) He LOVES the water now and has lived up to his retriever name :)

We spent one afternoon filling up tons of water balloons so we could ambush Josh when he got home from work. Eli was super excited about having a water balloon fight with Josh but the suspense was killing him so we threw a few at each other first. We also played several games of water balloon toss and some water balloon baseball as well. I videoed Eli hitting the water balloon on slow-mo with my phone and it turned out really cool. 

One night during the week of VBS Eli asked for a blanket fort to sleep in that night. I grabbed a couple chairs from the kitchen table and an old blanket and set it up for him. He grabbed one of his nap mats and Mo the monkey and he crashed. He slept like this every single night the week of VBS. He called it his lair :)

We were really excited one afternoon when we were FINALLY able to catch the ice cream man. Every day he'd come by our neighborhood but we were never fast enough at grabbing our money and rushing outside to catch him. Eli was super happy when we finally did though!

We also got to go meet sweet, little Grace one afternoon after VBS. I taught with her mom, Tori, at my old school and I was so excited to meet her precious little girl. Eli loves little babies, especially looking at their tiny hands, feet, and ears. He asked if he could hold her and loved every second of it. 

Look at that head full of dark hair! She was so itty bitty and cute :)

After we left the hospital we passed by a snowball stand and just had to stop for one...it's on our list :) I introduced Eli to the wondrous world of sweetened and condensed milk on snowballs and he remarked "So that's why your snowball always tastes better than mine!" 

It was a fun week and it was going to be an even more fun weekend because our friends The Glenns were coming to stay with us! We couldn't wait to see them!

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