Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Note to My Almost First Grader

Dear Eli,

It's late, but I couldn't go to sleep without writing you just a quick letter like I always do the night before you begin school. I know tomorrow will be crazy busy, so I'll burn the midnight oil a little longer because it's for you :)

Eli, what a summer we have had! I think this has been such a memorable summer for me for so many reasons. First and foremost, I didn't have the weight of being fully responsible for our school's yearbook resting on my shoulders so that was such a huge relief! I am so glad that I didn't have to spend my mornings working on the computer while you entertained yourself. It's been so fun to wake up and not have anything planned. I loved every minute of that! Second, our summer was filled with so much fun! I looked at all our pictures that I took over the summer on Instagram and what happy memories we made! I have loved marking things off our "Summer Fun List" with you and deciding what we're going to do next. I'm pretty sure the "Summer Fun List" is here to stay :) Third, just being able to spend time with you has been such a joy. You're such a good kid and I love being able to have that time with you to get to know you better.

Tomorrow you are starting a new grade...first grade. I think I'm taking it a littler harder this year than last year because first grade is the grade I taught for 11 years. To think that you're finally old enough to go is incomprehensible to me. You on the other hand are extremely excited. You know most of the kids in your class and I'm very thankful for that. I'm glad you're going to be with your buddies but it's my hope that you meet some new buddies this year too. I hope you find the classmate who needs a friend and you become that friend for them. Your heart is so sweet and so tender and I know you'll make new friends fast.

Eli, I love you with all my heart. I tell you this all the time but I'm going to say it here too, "You are my greatest blessing from God." I am so thankful that he chose me to be your Mommy because it's such a joy! You are one of the sweetest boys I know and I really hope you always will be. I'm so excited to see what you learn this year and how much you grow academically, physically, socially, and more. I love you sweet boy! I hope that this year in first grade is your best year ever. You are such a joy!! I love you so much!

Mommy :)

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