Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Week with Tinsley-Day Three

Since we weren't able to go to the zoo Monday afternoon, we decided to go bright and early Tuesday morning. We got there shortly after they opened and both kiddos were excited about seeing all the animals. 

The tigers were a lot of fun to watch. They were play fighting with each other so Eli and Tinsley really enjoyed watching them play.

We always have to take a picture next to the fake tiger poop. 

Both kids loved holding their own map. I loved it because it kept them happy. Win, win!

We stopped by the otter exhibit but they were sleeping. We did find a really cool airboat though. Tinsley and Eli each had to have a picture with them in the driver's seat. 

We saw lots of birds-pelicans, peacocks, parrots, toucans, macaws, flamingos, and much more. 

We visited the petting zoo and Tinsley said hello to the goats and sheep.

The giraffes were fun to watch. They came over to the edge of the clearing when they saw us so we got to see them up close. 

For some reason I always, always, always get turned around in this particular zoo and it takes me FOREVER to get out. I never seem to know which way to go for the shortest exit. We ended up backtracking because I stink at reading maps apparently, but thankfully we found some misting fans to help us cool down.

We passed this rhino on our way out and I found myself envying him. I could have used a nice water hose misting spray on my back right about then as well. What a life!

I promised the kids we'd ride the train before we left to head back home. While we waited for the train to pull back into the station Eli and Tinsley made souvenir pennies. 

We rode the train and then our zoo adventure was over. We said good-bye to the zoo and then hurried to the car towards air conditioning. Whew! Thank the Lord!

Peace out, zoo! It was real, it was hot, it was real hot! We'll see you next time hopefully when it's cooler!

Both kids took a nap on the way home so it was a very peaceful ride back to our house. I cooked supper while Eli and Tinsley played and then we ended our night with a quick dip in the pool. Our week with Tinsley was off to a great start!

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