Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our Week with Tinsley-Day One and Day Two

Saturday afternoon after Jameson's party, Josh and I drove down to New Orleans so we could go to the Garth Brooks concert. Back in June when the tickets went on sale, I was at my computer at the designated time trying to get good tickets to the show. Everyone else in the world apparently was doing the same thing because I wasn't able to get tickets to the show I wanted, the Saturday show at 7 o'clock. That show ended up selling out but lucky for us they added a show that started at 10:30 that night. Yeah, 10:30, at night. Now I'm a night owl, but Josh normally goes to bed when Eli does at 8:00 every night. We knew that it was going to be a stretch for him, but I'm happy to say he made it and so did I. The concert was amazing! Garth Brooks did all of his old stuff and it was so much fun to sing along back like we did during the 90's. It made me miss the good ole days when country music was still truly country. Now I sound like I'm ancient :) The concert started at 11:00 and we didn't leave the arena until 2:00 that morning. Garth Brooks sang and played his heart out for 3 solid hours and it was worth every minute of it (and don't forget he did a show before ours!). We drove back to our hotel and crashed!

Pretty fun night with Garth Brooks at the Smoothie Center in New Orleans.

The next morning we had a late brunch at IHOP and then we headed back to my mom and dad's house. Josh went on back home because he had to be at work the next day, but Eli and I stayed at my parent's house for a couple more days because Tinsley was going to stay with us for the week! Josh and Andrea were leaving for the Dominican Republic to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary so I agreed to keep Tinsley for a week. Jameson went to stay with Andrea's parents. We had lots of fun having little missy prissy around and honestly, I hope I can get her to come stay at least once every summer from now on. It's fun having another girl in the house :)

We started our fun week with Tinsley by going to see the Minions movie with Grammy and Pop Sunday night. It was completely ridiculous and didn't make any sense but Eli cackled with laughter the entire time so I guess it's safe to say he enjoyed it. 

The next morning Grammy and Pop went to work so Eli, Tinsley, and I made plans to go to the splash park that morning. Both of the kids had lots of fun splashing and playing at the park!

We grabbed some Chick-fil-A after the splash park and they got to play on the playground a little after their lunch.

After lunch we went to Josh and Andrea's house so Tinsley could nap in her own bed and so I could check on their fur babies, Brody Jack and Tinkerbell. Caleb, my youngest brother, was going to stay at Josh and Andrea's house while they were gone to watch the dogs, but he wasn't going to get home for lunch to let them out on this particular day so I volunteered. As you can see Brody wasn't worried about where his parents were at all. While Tinsley napped, Eli and I had some down time as well and we all got some much needed rest. 

We had plans to meet my mom at the zoo after she got off work that day, but when we drove out there we found out we'd looked at the wrong time and they were closing up. UGH! We made a quick change in plans and let the kids ride the carousel before going back to Grammy and Pop's house. 

After Pop got off work, we had supper at Izzo's since it was kids night! Whoop! Whoop! They had a balloon artist there making balloons for the kids, so Eli and Tinsley both picked out a cool balloon for the man to create. 

After supper, we went back to Grammy and Pop's house to watch the movie, "The Shakiest Gun in the West." My brothers and I LOVED that movie as kids so I was happy to see that Eli loved it as well. Tinsley was just there for the popcorn :) The movie ended and we all crashed. It had been a long and busy day and it was going to be lots of fun tomorrow!

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