Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tinsley's Frozen 3rd Birthday Party

After our first full week of school, Eli and I were excited to travel out of town so we could go to Tinsley's 3rd birthday party. Her theme this year was Frozen and it was absolutely perfect for her because she's been obsessed with Princess Anna and Princess Elsa ever since the movie came out last year. Since her birthday is in August the best way to beat the heat was with a pool party.

Mom and Andrea did a great job on the decorations again this year. I love how all the colors popped and photographed. Everything was perfect down to the tiniest detail. (Insider tip for those of you who might want to throw a Frozen themed party...the middle curtain is a shower curtain!)

This chalkboard was my one contribution to the party besides being the designated photographer :)

All the food was perfect and I loved the labels Andrea and mom came up with to go with the food. 

The hit of the party was definitely the chocolate fountain and all the fun things you could dip in it. 

The beautiful birthday girl

Once everyone had slathered on lots of sunscreen we all headed outside to cool off in the pool.

I just love this little dude :)

After swimming we all came inside to sing "Happy Birthday" and eat some cake and ice cream. 

And now for the highlight of the party :) We started singing "Happy Birthday" to Tinsley. While I was taking taking pictures I noticed my brother looking at the cake kind of funny. 

He got this puzzled look on his face and I realized something else was burning besides the candles. 

Poor Olaf's arm was too close to the flames and he caught fire. I guess Tinsley was "worth melting for" :)

Josh quickly blew out the flaming Olaf and saved the rest of the cake. At this point everyone was cracking up laughing. What else could you do? I love Andrea's face in all these pictures. She was hysterical. 

Poor Olaf!

After everyone had their cake and ice cream, it was time for presents! Tinsley got a lot of great gifts and she loved all of them. 

After presents we all jumped in the pool one last time before going home. 

It was such a fun day celebrating this sweet, little girl who came into all our lives three years ago. We love her so much! Happy Birthday, Tinsley!

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