Monday, December 21, 2015

Boys Only Camping Weekend

The last weekend in August Josh took Eli camping. They invited Josh's friend, Guy, and his little boy,  Hayden, for the ultimate boy's weekend. They planned on camping, kayaking, fishing, exploring, building fires, and doing much more. Eli was so excited to go on his camping adventure with his daddy and his best buddy. 

After they'd been there for awhile I sent a text asking how it was going. This was the text I got back. EEK! Josh said that the boys were exploring and Eli came running up to him to tell him that he'd found a snake. Josh thought it was just a little snake and not really an emergency, but boy was he wrong! Eli had spotted a moccasin and Josh thankfully took care of it. I was a nervous wreck once I found out Eli was the one who had spotted it. Talk about make a momma lose her mind. I sent back a string of texts telling Josh not to take his eyes off Eli for one second and then I spent the rest of the weekend in prayer...not even kidding. 

I think Eli's favorite part of their camping weekend was the fishing. The pond was well stocked and Eli caught some HUGE catfish. 

The next morning they woke up and did some more fishing. This time Eli caught a lot of bream. 

Eli ended the day in the kayak. Josh watched from the dock and let Eli paddle around in the kayak in front of him. Eli thought he was so big and loved it. I'm so glad my boys had a great camping weekend! 

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